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Cauldron was founded in 1996 in Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic, where it resides today. They employ approximately 60 people at present, and were the first Slovakian or Czech game developers to successfully sell a product outside the two countries.

The first game from their offices was "Quadrax". Finished in 1996, this game was originally made for the ZX Spectrum, but promptly ported to PC. It is a two dimensional puzzle game that consists of 100 levels which require the user to utilize the the ability to switch control between two on-screen characters in order to navigate the puzzle. It is supposedly still the most popular puzzle game in that region.

In 1997, the Czech version of "Spellcross" was finished. However, it was improved and edited a year later for it's English release. The game, as well as it's "mist" engine was welcomed with positive reviews. The user plays the role of a commander for the fictional faction, "The Alliance", a group using modern military might to fight creatures that utilize magic. The game is divided into two parts; the first is strategic, where the player makes large scale troop movement decisions and manages resources and finances, and the second is tactical, where the player uses military units in turn based combat. Spellcross was the first game from either Slovakia or the Czech republic to be sold outside those countries. It is also supposedly still very popular in those countries.

Cauldron released another turn-based strategy game in 2000 called "Battle Isle: The Andosia War".

In 2001, Cauldron began work on one of their best known efforts, the first person shooter, "Chaser". The user assumes the role of "John Chaser" on a quest through Earth and Mars to regain his memory. Chaser was released in 2003 to great critical acclaim. It's best known for it's visuals and the ability to host multiplayer matches of up to 128 players in such classic modes as "Capture the Flag" and "Deathmatch". It used Cauldron's new in-house "CloakNT" engine, which every Cauldron FPS to date uses. Chaser was also their most successful effort in North America.

In 2004 they released "Conan", based on Robert E. Howard's "Conan: The Barbarian". This was Cauldron's first true multiplatform game.

In 2005, "Knights of the Temple II" was finished. It was an open world 3rd person action adventure game with interactive dialogue, alternate endings and multiplayer.

Cauldron also finished "Gene Troopers" in 2005. It is a FPS set in the future where genetic material is now an important strategic resource, and a faction called "the Gene Troopers" seeks to collect more and more genetic material to further their super soldier creation program.

In 2006 Cauldron released "Civil War: A Nation Divided". This game reenacts 12 different battles from the American civil war.

In 2007 Cauldron released "Battle for the Pacific", which has the player fighting on the front lines in the most crucial battles of the pacific front of WWII.

Also released in 2007 was the third installment in the Soldier of Fortune series, "Soldier of Fortune: Payback". While visually proficient, the game was critically panned. It's faults lied largely in the short development time, a supposed result of the lack of funding on Activision's part.

In 2008, Cauldron released both "Civil War: Secret Missions" and "Secret Service". Secret Missions is a fallow up to their previous Civil War game, which has you engage in real historical missions to sabotage either side of the conflict. Secret Service is a game in which the user assumes the role of a secret service agent, who is tasked with protecting political figures and other high value assets, including the United States president.

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