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The Chaos Kin is a mindless demon of chaotic energy in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It latches onto a target and brings them under its influence while feeding on the subject's soul. During battle with Arlon and other members of the forces of the nature goddess Viridi, Pit unwittingly frees it from its imprisonment on the Lunar Sanctum, and this action has dire consequences later in the game.

After the war with the Aurum is won, the Chaos Kin attacks Palutena. Under its chaotic influence, the Goddess of Light is twisted into an evil deity that chooses to war against the humans she had previously strove to protect. She also removes Pit's soul from his body and seals it inside a ring, leaving his body a simple puppet to obey her commands, and by extension, those of the Chaos Kin. Over the next three years, the Chaos Kin causes Palutena to devote all of her resources toward fighting humans, and over that time, Skyworld is destroyed.

When Pit finally manages to reach Palutena's side, he takes Viridi's advice and hunts for the Chaos Kin controlling her. He manages to beat it back and free Palutena from its control, but when the Chaos Kin recovers, it steals Palutena's soul, petrifying her body before fleeing into a dimension of chaos. Pit and Dark Pit then fly in after it.

Once they corner the Chaos Kin, it expends energy creating wave after wave of monsters for them to fight. After thirteen waves, the Chaos Kin's energy is exhausted, and it confronts both Pit and Dark Pit directly. Upon its defeat, it releases Palutena's soul, restoring her. But while Pit, Palutena, and Dark Pit are distracted, it uses the last of its energy to try to kill Dark Pit by sending him over a ledge. However, Pit risks his life by flying down after them and rescues Dark Pit.

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