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Skyworld is the realm of the goddess Palutena and home of the angel Pit. It exists in the sky above the human world. Originally known as Angel Land, its name was changed in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and this name carried over into Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Throughout the series, Pit has striven to protect Skyworld from enemy forces. In the original Kid Icarus, he must make his way back to Skyworld after he is imprisoned in the underworld by Medusa's forces, free the realm from her grasp, and rescue Palutena. In Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, Pit once again sets out to protect the realm after Palutena has a premonition that a demon named Orcos plans to invade.

However, in Kid Icarus: Uprising, events take a tragic turn after the Chaos Kin takes hold of Palutena. Under the demon's influence, Paultena's morals become twisted, and she allows Skyworld to be destroyed over the course of three years by Underworld attacks. Rather than spend any time rebuilding, however, she keeps her army of centurions focused on war, both with Hades and Viridi and with humans, but once Pit manages to free her from the Chaos Kin's influence, Palutena sees to it that Skyworld is quickly restored.

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