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Chester Field: Ankoku Shin heno Chousen ("Chester Field: Challenge to the Dark Gods") is a side-scrolling RPG in the vein of Zelda II.

The game was never released outside of Japan, though it does have a fan translation.


The player character walks left or right, fighting enemies once they get in range of his sword and accruing experience and sometimes health or money from every enemy vanquished. The game is broken up with a large persistent overworld and several smaller dungeons that contain valuables. The player can also enter houses and talk to the NPCs within, answering their questions with the "yes" and "no" prompts, and occasionally trading with them for useful items.

Like Cleopatra no Mahou and a few early Famicom RPGs the player can't actually see their own stats beyond their current health and gold totals. Even though better equipment becomes available and makes a demonstrable difference in attack strength and defense, there is no way for the player to view directly how these stats have been affected.

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