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Menials are the worker drones of the Chimeran 'hive', designed only for simple manual labour tasks. They are the result of an infected male Human being transformed just enough to lose his personality and gain obedience to the Chimeran leader strains, such as Angels or Daedalus. As a result, the physical mutations are far less severe than those of the other strains; Menials still possess only two eyes, for example, and while they enjoy a mild increase to physical strength, it is nowhere near as pronounced as in the combat-oriented strains, such as Hybrids or Titans. In addition, this means that their metabolism isn't as enhanced as the other strains, meaning Menials only need simple, less resource-expensive Heatstacks to keep their bodies from overheating. 
Menials are generally given extremely simple tasks, such as moving a group of objects from one place to another, or preparing infected Humans for the 'upgrade' process in Conversion Centers. Menials are not given any armament whatsoever, but this does not mean they will ignore enemy soldiers invading their designated work areas. Upon discovering an intruder, a Menial will attempt to defeat them using their bare hands and fingernails, though even with their slightly enhanced strength, it is a simple matter for a soldier armed with any firearm to put down a Menial before they come within melee range.
While Menials are on the bottom level of the Chimeran hierarchy, they are not alone on that level; female Humans given the same treatment transform into suicide-bombing Boilers instead of Menials.

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