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Chomperman was released on PC on September 27, 2006, one month after CC & SH Smash Hits. The character of Chomperman was redesigned to be more of a spherical tiger-looking bloke, as opposed to the Pac-Man knock-off of the previous release. The ghosts were replaced by mushrooms, and many other things were remade and/or expanded upon, including additional levels.

Each subsequent release of the game adds or changes something from the previous versions:

  • Browser version: New voice actor for Chomperman (Trent Tutt), adds cutscenes and an ending
  • Android version: Retains Tutt's voice acting, Browser version's gameplay is added as an "Arcade Mode" while the original's is designated as "Endless Mode", adds a Time Attack Mode and three distinct color palettes (ink, monochrome, and contrast)
  • OUYA version: Retains Tutt's voice acting as well as Arcade, Endless, and Time Attack modes from the Android version; graphics are completely redrawn, and a brand new OUYA-exclusive level is added.

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