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Pac-Man's modern appearance
Pac-Man's modern appearance

Pac Man is the main character from the hit Namco video game of the same name. The character itself is relatively simple. The name comes from the Japanese word "pakku" which means chomp. Pac Man is one of the most known video game character of all time.


The name and shape of Pac Man are based on many factors. The simple shape was based on two primary factors. The first factor is a simplified version of the Japanese character for mouth, with is just a square. The shape also comes from the idea of a pizza missing a slice. Pac-Man's yellow colour was chosen to make him appealing to men and women, designer Toru Iwatani said that blue would exclude women and red or pink would exclude men. The name was based off the common Japanese phrase for opening and closing of the mouth, Paku Paku Taberu. Originally Pac Man was supposed to be called Puck Man when the game hit American shores, but due to the worry of vandalism and changing Puck to a profanity, it was quickly changed to Pac Man. Pac Man was brought to American and quickly became a hit in arcades and made the simple yellow ball one of the most recognizable figures. In a survey taken about recognizable video game figures, Pac Man was rated the highest at 94% of the people knew who he was.


Pac Man started out as a single game. The game Pac Man quickly became a smash hit on both Eastern and Western shores. Due to this fact Namco quickly extended the loveable circle into more and more games. The series quickly expanded into Ms. Pac Man, Super Pac Man, Pac Man Plus, Jr. Pac Man, Pac and Pal, and more. The series has been one of the only to be published for over 20 years. Pac man was also moved into 3D games when Namco decided to make Pac Man World, a 3D adventure game loosely based on the principals of collecting dots. In all his years of appearing in games, Pac Man has always been and will be one of the most recognizable and used game characters of all time.

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