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Employment History - (only partial from what could be quickly found)

- Producer at Hothead Games, Halifax, 2015-present

- Studio Head at Frontier Developments Inc, Halifax 2012 - 2015

- Technical Director at HB Studios 2002 - 2012

- Senior Software Engineer at Boss Game Studios 1997 - 2002

- Lead Programmer at Gray Matter Inc 1994 - 1996

- Programmer at NMS

- Software Engineer at Virtuality for less than a year in 1994

- Programmer at MicroProse 1993 - 1994

- Programmer at Active Minds

- Programmer at Frames

- Programmer at Maelstrom Games 1998 - 1990

- Programmer at Consult Computer Systems

- Programmer at Canvas

- Programmer / Designer on a project for HiSoft.

Here is an interview done while Chris worked at Boss. It covers his entry into the industry and what it was like to program in the early days of gaming.

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