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Elite: Dangerous is the planned fourth title in the Elite series and will be set in the far flung future in an open galaxy containing approximately 400 billion stars. As with previous entries the player will start with a basic ship and 100 credits to their name and decide for themselves how they will proceed. The player is not directed down any particular path but rather is able to forge their own path within the game's universe. After several false starts that included a planned MMO, a Kickstarter campaign for the current version of the game achieved its goal of 1,250,000 GBP on January 2, 2013.

With no official release date announced the development schedule currently suggests completion during the last half of 2014 and it has been announced that following the usual alpha and beta periods there will be a further one, dubbed "gamma" that will involve all backers. Later updates will add more features, including planetary landing.


Dangerous features free-form gameplay in an open world. The game is currently pre-alpha but Elite games typically feature options for piracy, trading, transporting NPCs, mining and exploration. Comments from the Kickstarter point to a mixing of features from previous titles in the series. Control is to be more accessible and like the original game whilst the deeper ship ownership and trading of its sequels is a key part of the game.

Passage around the galaxy is via the ships Hyperdrive that enables system to system jumps as well as in-system FTL. This combination negates the previous titles need for time-compression, allows the player to visit any orbital body in a solar system (or any point in between) without compromising the multi-player experience. Frontier Developments have confirmed twenty five ships at launch with more available for purchase later. The developers have also spoken of foregoing character classes in favour of an emergent "role" system based on how you customise your ship for how you choose to play the game.


The game is set fifty years after Frontier: First Encounters and has the Empire and the Federation still vying for control of the galaxy. It's been implied that the alien Thargoid race may make a return to the series as antagonist. The developers will augment the story with vignettes placed around the galaxy but the overarching story will be controlled by the players. Systems may be annexed from neighbours, assassinations may tip power in the region and piracy could see systems slip into anarchy. The universe will be procedurally generated as is the tradition of the series.

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