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Go on, kiss the girl.
A stranger in a new town, you and your father have just moved into a rural town famous for an ancient legend. On the hill over looking the small town, sits an old ancient tree, which the people in the town believe to posses a great power. It is said that whoever kisses beneath this ancient old tree will be destined to live happily ever after. Already smitten with the girl next door, you find yourself determined to do whatever it takes to kiss her underneath that ancient old tree, and live a full happy life with her ... even if that means kissing everyone else in the town, first?

In Chulip, it is your job to breathe new life into a town that has grown tiresome of it's old and boring routines. Through a variety of puzzles, odd jobs and adventures, you will help the sad, lonely, lost and depressed find thier way to a brighter side. In doing so, you'll not only help those around you, but you'll also build your reputation as a hero, and hopefully catch the eye of that certain someone and fulfill your destiny.
Chulip plays most similar to Roleplaying games.  The game goes by a 24 hour day schedule similar to whats seen in the Harvest Moon games. And each non playable character also has their day schedules that consist of different times ie. Night time or daytime. Most characters walk the street harmless while some in particular the police man attacks you on his nightly patrols. Some characters come out underground living apartments. Clues are given in the hole whether you can kiss them or not. As the story progresses you can go around the game world via train.

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