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The Classic NES seris is a line of Game Boy Advance games which were released to celebrate Nintendo's history. The games were released at a budget price point ($20 in the U.S) and came with boxart reminient of early style NES boxes. Despite the budget price there was some grumblings from consumers about the price being too high. Although a typical Gameboy Advance game cost much more new, compilations of 8 bit games were already fairly common. The fact that Nintendo was charging $20 per game, as opposed to say $30 for several, rubbed some people the wrong way.

While there were 30 games released over three series in Japan (under the title of "Famicom Mini Series"), only 12 games were released over two series in North America and Europe. In Europe the series was titled "NES Classics" and the games were numbered.

North America / Europe Releases

Series 1

Donkey Kong

Series 2


Japan Releases

Series 1


Series 2


Series 3

Shin Onigashima

Extra Series

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