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"Vandal" is the codename of the main protagonist and playable character in the iOS Dead Space game. Vandal uses a voice modulator throughout the game, which masks the character's identity. Vandal is an engineer and a new convert to Unitology, and unknowingly unleashes the necromorphs on the Sprawl built near Titan, one of Saturn's moons. Vandal's mission after this point is to correct this mistake and find redemption. Vandal discovers a wider conspiracy, and that someone had planned to unleash the Necromorphs all along. After the final confrontation with a giant Necromorph that was crushing the stations reactor core, Vandal's mask is ripped off, revealing the character is a woman named Karrie Norton. She calls for help, having been wounded in the fight with the giant Necromorph, but no one responds as the credits roll. After, a scene of the empty reactor room with her helmet lying on the ground leaves her fate final fate a mystery.

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