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Comic Sans was created by Vincent Connare, a Microsoft in-house font designer, in 1994. Inspired by classic comic book lettering, the typeface was never meant to be used in any great capacity. However, Microsoft would later make the font a system font in Windows 95, and even go so far as to make it one of the default fonts for both Microsoft Publisher and Internet Explorer. Because of this, the typeface was given a wider exposure than intended and became the go-to font for would-be designers everywhere.

In 2011 Comic Sans Pro was created and released. This typeface add italicized versions of the original Comic Sans' regular and bold weights, bringing the typeface family up to a total of four fonts.

Comic Sans has garnered a largely negative reception; this stems largely from the use of the font in serious or formal applications that do not match the casual character of the typeface, and from its popularity over more respected typefaces.

Use in Video Games

Because of its negative reputation, Comic Sans has remained mostly unused in the video game industry. However there have been exceptions. The Sims and its expansions used Comic Sans as their main font. The series has used different fonts for all subsequent entries. The Sonic Adventure Series has also used Comic Sans as its main font.

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