Anybody else want to see a third game?

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I personally loved both of the Condemned games, they both had such spooky atmosphere, as well as tight first-person melee combat controls.  You really just don't see many games with such great first-person melee combat.
Does anybody else want to see a third game in the series?
I'd personally love to see one.  It's either that or a new Breakdown.

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I would love a third one. 
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I liked them, but I can't say I have any desire to play another one.

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I would not like to see a third game.

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I've played the first part of the first one, but I got a lot of enjoyment out of watching a LongPlay of the games in the series.  
I definitely wouldn't mind watching a third one. Although, I think the protagonist suffered too much of a change from the first game to the second.

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I couldn't get through the first and never played the second. Would be tempted to if my 360 was still alive.

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I'd be shocked if Lith wasn't working on a third Condemned in some form. I'd even go so far as to speculate that's why they farmed out F.E.A.R 3. 
Might as well take this chance to point out that I absolutely love Monolith and everything they've done. 
...with the exception of Gruntz.

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I loved the first one, hated the second one. Make the third like the first one!

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Nah, Condemned is part of the horror style I prefer left buried. 

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Actually, I could go for another Breakdown. You can never get enough first person puking into a toilet.

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I would love to see a third one made (if they can work out the bugs that were in Condemned 2: Bloodshots...that cabin level kept freezing on me).

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If it was more like the first game, sure. I hated the weird mind control/shouting-to-pop-heads crap in the second one.

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I enjoyed both of them and I would play a third one. I actually liked the changes from 1 to 2, as Ethan (that was the dude's name right?) gained more personality as did his lady friend (Rose?). The combat was also quite fun. 

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Good call on Project Breakdown. That is a game I have always thought was hugely under-appreciated. I would love to see another entry in that series.

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