How about devinding this concept in offline and online coop?

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There was a thread yesterday asking if there was a way to see which game had online coop and even with filtering tools ,say filter the games with online and cooperatative play would not result in a list of games that have cooperative eonline play so I was thinking of keeping this concept as an umbrella concept and create both a "online cooperative play" and a "local cooperative play" concept.

It would make more sense and this way people looking for what kind of coop a game has will immediately know it if has online coop or not.

What do you guys think?

edit: guess we should also have a "link cooperative play" or something like that for say DS games that use the wifi connection to connect to each other and not the internet.

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I like where you're going with this, I'm not sure how it could best be implemented but I'm sure the community will figure something out.

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With the "tools" we have for the moment i am not sure if we can do better than linking to the general coop concept and the specific coop concept

Halo 3 would have

  • Cooperative play
  • Local cooperative play
  • Online cooperative play

Fable 2 would only have
  • Cooperative play
  • Online cooperative play

And a game like House of the dead Overkill would have
  • Cooperative play
  • Local cooperative play

Now there is also the number of players that should be looked into (we have a 4 player coop concept page) that also should be divided in the different kinds of coop play however this would be extremely redundant so i guess that it would be better just to keep that apart and add the max number of players as a separate concept.

So the concept added to each game should be something like this:

Halo 3
  • Cooperative play
  • Local cooperative play
  • Online cooperative play
  • 4 player cooperative play

Fable 2
  • Cooperative play
  • Online cooperative play
  • 2 player cooperative play

House of the dead Overkill
  • Cooperative play
  • Local cooperative play
  • 2player cooperative play

A pyramid based concept/location/object system would make this so much easier.

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Are there any games that only have co-op offline while they also include a form of non-co-op online play? If not, or if it's a very rare occasion, then you can just check to see if it's co-op, and if it's online enabled and figure it all out.

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Pretty sure there must be some even though there are none that I can think of for the moment. Would you only check the Coop concept and the online concept you will find games that have offline coop and some online versus mode but you will also find games that have only online coop.

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Yeah, I like this idea.

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I second the idea, if that's necessary. There's a significant difference between local and online co-op, not the least of which is the fact that a number of people do not have internet on whatever console/terminal they have their games on. The look and feel also changes quite a bit between playing with only yourself on your screen (the look shared by online co-op) and the generally split-screen on local (exceptions in games like Gauntlet: Dark Legacy).

I'm not sure about whether or not adding the maximum number of players in on/off-line co-op modes would be a very useful addition, going that far I'd just rather have small blurbs attached to each game concept to more specifically explain how that concept works with that specific game. Although that might be useful for some (the 'new game plus' in Ratchet & Clank is significantly more thorough than the endgame shop in 'Tales of the Abyss'), but that diverges into a different thread and may not be possible with this site layout.

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