Counter-Strike Source Beta (Now Open to ALL CS:S Owners)

#1 Posted by ashriels (156 posts) -

Just discovered this today.  Kind of excited to tinker with all of the new features.
Who's playing?  What are your opinions so far? Are achievements ruining the experience?

#2 Posted by Jimbo7676 (782 posts) -

Downloading now.

#3 Edited by poser (621 posts) -

I just wish they would just make Counter-Strike 2. The world needs a new fast-paced tactical shooter.

#4 Posted by AgentJ (8995 posts) -

SO what sorts of new features are we talking about?

#5 Posted by SuperfluousMoniker (2909 posts) -

Wow, I didn't know they were doing this. I haven't played Counter Strike in ages, maybe I'll give it a spin again.

#6 Posted by DAFTPUNK (1307 posts) -

wait what?

#7 Posted by TheDuke (228 posts) -

didn't know about this 
will check it out

#8 Posted by DAFTPUNK (1307 posts) -

k never mind, i installed

#9 Posted by yinstarrunner (1271 posts) -

It's CS:S. Literally nothing is changed about the gameplay.  I do like the achievement stuff, and I really, REALLY like the UI that comes along with it.  It basically seperates the achievements into easy categories instead of TF2's more blunt "list of shit you have to do."  It's nice to see some persistant stat tracking as well, although I don't know if other players will be able to see that stuff or not.
The graphical stuff is pretty minor.  Some of the textures look better.  The lighting is improved.  They added motion blur, which I love, and multicore rendering, which is always good.
I found a couple of bugs, one of them was pretty bad.  I'm just really surprised Valve is actually going out of their way to update a game so old. It's pretty awesome.

#10 Posted by m1k3 (1490 posts) -

heres the link to the new features. still waiting for the next true CS though

#11 Posted by s7evn (1067 posts) -

Great update for CSS. I seem to being pretty good even without playing for months, idk if they changed some things but it felt a little easier than the CSS I remember.

#12 Edited by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

So wait, is this going to just be an update to CS:S once it's been through beta?
Edit:  Nevermind, found it out.  Sounds pretty awesome!

#13 Posted by Cube (4383 posts) -

The last time I played it something was off about the grenade throwing. 
And it was twitchy, but maybe they fixed that.

#14 Posted by SoftButtCheeks (142 posts) -

Perhaps they just opened up more spots for the beta? It seems to be closed again.

#15 Posted by Seedofpower (4017 posts) -

Poopie, all slots are filled =(

#16 Posted by turbomonkey138 (5281 posts) -

Its basically counter strike fortress 2

#17 Posted by FlamingHobo (4772 posts) -

Sweet! Thanks for the update.

#18 Posted by monkey523 (188 posts) -

 I play a good deal of CSS, and I have to say that Valve has definitely put me off with the UI changes in this beta.  It looks like they copied the new UI straight from TF2.  It feels completely out of place, and in the case of the scoreboard, its obstructive.  The old scoreboard was nice and clean and pretty much see-through.  It told you what you needed to know without blocking your view.  The new board is a giant, gray, nearly solid rectangle that makes it difficult to see anything while you have it up.
The rest of the stuff, like the player stat tracking and achievements are pretty cool actually.  Domination/revenge seems ok, and the end of round stats are interesting.  I could do w/o the kill cam, but thankfully there is an option to turn it off.

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