Counter-Strike 2 possibly in the works?

#1 Posted by Geno (6768 posts) -

Gabe Newell at an Intel event: 

When asked the question he seemed a little nervous and caught off guard - if they had zero plans for CS2 I doubt he would've reacted as such. He slated DotA 2 in front of it, so could it be possible that after DotA 2's release we will hear something about CS2 being developed? Would you look forward to that game? 
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HL 2: Episode 3 is going to be released before that.

#3 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19302 posts) -
@Afroman269 said:
" HL 2: Episode 3 is going to be released after that. im sorry did i say after? i meant never"
#4 Posted by phrosnite (3512 posts) -

Counter Strike 2 will be the multiplayer part of Half-Life 3. There won't be episode 3.

#5 Posted by TheSmashing (321 posts) -

 The question should've been  "when are you going to release half-life 3?"

#6 Posted by Simplexity (1430 posts) -

Why do people want Counter-Strike 2? It will just be a Call of Duty rip off, nobody wants that.
Leave it in the past I say, where it belongs.

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@Geno: This is old news really.  They talked about this a couple of times and they said they want to do something different with the game like they did with TF2 but not the same style. 
One question Gabe...."will eet have ze multiplaya?"
#8 Posted by KarlPilkington (2794 posts) -

The Counter-Strike.

#9 Posted by Qwo (9 posts) -

No, Counter Strike 2 is not being developed, the fuck are you talking about. He very plainly stated that "we're doing other shit right now, we're not talking about that."

#10 Posted by Badhands (411 posts) -

I will personal kill Gabe if counter-strike two comes out before a new Half-Life.

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Really, why did that person not ask about half life?

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They talked about the possibility of Counter Strike 2 back in early 2008 on GT TV. I think this is the episode.

#14 Posted by BabyChooChoo (5675 posts) -

It exists. It ships with Episode 3 in the "Just A Little Bit More Oranger Box" Coming 20wheneverthefucktheyfeellikeit

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Counter Strike fans are insane, half of them play the original version because they feels it's superior, they'll hate another CS game.

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It's not going to happen and to the people who say that it is going to be released with 'Half Life 3", I believe he has stated before that the episodes are a substitute for a full sequel, so that makes no sense...

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Man, that would be huge!

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Not sure how this means anything he was probably just expecting him to say EP3 and when he didn't it caught him off guard.

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Seems like they are going to focus on DOTA 2 and Portal 2 before considering CS2
I would bet that it would be bundled in as the Unobtainium Box with Episode 3 and Counter Strike 2

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@Mikemcn said:

" Counter Strike fans are insane, half of them play the original version because they feels it's superior, they'll hate another CS game. "

As a Counter Strike fan, I totally agree with you. I have no idea how they could recreate the game to get the reaction it did all those years ago. The jump from 1.6 to Source was to much for most of the CS community.

I'm actually more disappointed that Gabe didn't say "we have to put out Half-Life 2: Episode 3 before we worry about Counter Strike".

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New engine with Half-Life 3 and it'll spawn a new version of Counter-Strike. 
Episode 3 will never see the light of day. Guarantee they just go straight to 3.

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