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The "Cross-Com" is a satellite linked communications system developed by the U.S. Army that provides tactical information to troops and units in combat. As it appears in the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter series, the system is embedded into the helmet of The Ghosts' squad leader. All tactical intelligence is gathered by the eyes and sensors of all available support and then displayed in real-time over the squad leaders actual vision via an advanced-high resolution display, otherwise known as the Cross-Com Monacle (or Situational Awareness Tactical Display) and enhanced with colour schematics, making combat assessment quick and accurate.

Cross-Com support units

The Cross-Com identifies friendly units and paints targets once they have been spotted by any team member or support unit (such as a UAV). This minimises the chance of friendly fire incidences and maximises the chance of removing an enemy threat. Once a threat has been identified, direct orders can be given to friendly units to engage the enemy (or in the case of a UAV, follow). As well as this, every team member and support unit is fitted with a high-definition digital camera that sends a direct feed through an uplink channel to the squad leader, who can view any one of these feeds in a real-time Picture in Picture. In addition, information on the health of team-mates  and units, their current action and R.O.E. (Rules of Engagement) as well as orders are displayed through the Cross-Com Monacle/SATD.

Cross-Com 2.0

Full Command View
In Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, the latest version of Cross-Com is utilised. Where 2.0 differs is the level of control over the squad and support units. The Picture in Picture feature is still present, but the live feeds can now be expanded into Full Command View (full-screen mode) to see the battlefield more clearly and better assess a situation. Direct orders can be issued while in this mode, and the camera can be rotated as required. In GRAW 2 it is very possible to complete a mission without even having fired a shot of your own. Your squad can be moved remotely, UAVs can be positioned with greater precision, and support units like Apaches can target an enemy threat even when out of sight of the Ghost Leader.

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