So Crysis 2 on the PC is so easily 'hacked' foit's almost trivial

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So with simple ini file tweaks you can be a one man army in MP with maximum armour, speed and the rest always. "We are developing with the PC in mind" - Crytek
Edit: Oh my I have totally fudged the title. It should say hacked for online play.
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That actually looks pretty fun.

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Wow, that's jacked. Is there not an anti hacking client like Punk buster?

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well that's not right.

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Solely through INI tweaks? If so, LOL Crytek.

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That should be an alternate game mode.
Still. Bollocks.

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The original Crysis had the same problems, it was really easy to mod the game files, and that is great if you want to have some fun in singleplayer, but not when you can do the same in multiplayer... 

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That was fast...

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Well this is not good... I won't be buying it full price then...

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Saw my first "hacker" yesterday.  No way to report or ban them.  Game ruined.  Crytek has a lot to answer for.    I'm done with this game until there's a patch to fix the multiple game-breaking issues.  IF there's a patch.

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That sucks for regular multiplayer, but now I really want a "predator" multiplayer mode where one dude is full-armor full-stealth full-speed full-vision all the time, and the rest try to stick together and take him out.

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The games only been out a couple days hahaha. Of course there will be a patch. 

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Wow, that's... Ew. Gross. Not even hacking, just some tweaks. Doesn't even really look fun that way; might as well go play single-player on easy. Only because there isn't a lower difficulty setting than that (Bayonetta one-button-mode lolwut).

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@dezvous said:
" The games only been out a couple days hahaha. Of course there will be a patch.  "
Its been out about a week. More then enough time to mess with ini files. 
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Although my status as a wizard may be questionable at best, I can't help but notice that this looks a tiny bit fucked up. 

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Man, they should be embarrassed by this.

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Excuse me sir, you seem to have posted a Call of Duty video by mistake.

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Damn why is everyone so impatient.

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@dezvous said:
" Damn why is everyone so impatient. "
Impatient? A game shouldn't be hacked and broken upon release...oh wait, I guess I'm supposed to wait a month before I can play the game I just bought?
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good thing I'll be playing this on my PS3

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I just got done playing it, had a really great time.

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I just remembered that there's an achievement for playing Crysis 2's multiplayer for six months (or returning to it six months after playing it at launch). This bodes well.

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I've given up playing the mulitplayer, it's just so broken at the moment.  Not just hacks, but unlocks not properly unlocking, getting deleveled because stats aren't saving.    it's a mess.

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Ha at the people who take MP seriously.... Double ha at people who take video games seriously.
Shame you can't change the files to make your bullets have huge splash damage.  Now that be a hoot!

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I was thinking about using some free time to get the pc version of this & learn about the new editor, that is until I saw stuff like this & no editor. Guess I'll just wait for the 360 version from gamefly.

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From what I read the recent update fixes this issue for PC. 

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@FancySoapsMan said:
"good thing I'll be playing this on my PS3 "

i 2nd that
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@dezvous said:
" Damn why is everyone so impatient. "
After 2 years of press releases and hype a bugged, unfinished game that's easy to hack, dissappoints at every level and can't be played due to dissappearing rewards and unlocks that lock themselves after activation is released. People that bought say they want a fix and you think THEY'RE the ones that are impatient! lol... if EA had been patient enough to get the game finished before they released it we wouldn't have this thread.
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I heard people can play this game using an .iso version on legit servers like they could in Boarderlands.  Is that true?

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I've had no trouble with hackers. I'm sure they're out there, but it really doesn't seem to be such a huge problem. Suit yourself though, I'm going to continue enjoying myself.

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@KaosAngel said:
" I heard people can play this game using an .iso version on legit servers like they could in Boarderlands.  Is that true? "
I've heard that. There's basically no cheat-protection so I wouldn't doubt it. 
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@Geno: That's fucked up.  I guess serial keys are too hard to implement, I heard a lot of it has to do with them using GameSpy and not their own servers like they did with BC2 and MOH.  Oh well, their loss.  Hopefully DICE doesn't  fuck up BF3 like this.

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