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Visually, Crysis is a stunner.  Crytek really took advantage of the engine early in the game, showing beautiful jungle, crisp waterfalls and pretty incredible expansive landscape shots.  Looking down from cliffs or up at the sunset, this game is the best looking I have ever seen.

Gameplay it excels as well.  It's basically Far Cry, refined, with a nifty new suit.  The suit changes gameplay in fundamental ways.  I enjoy the stealthy capabilities, creeping up on guards and strangling them was an experience that I dug...possibly too much.  The suit and massive theater provide countless ways to tackle each objective, resulting in multiple play-throughs of the first half of the game.

About 2/3 of the way through the game though it shifts, and not in a good way.  Rigid paths and  X-files win out over open world generic combat.  Strangely, I was longing for the generic by the end of the game.

Crysis remains visually  incomparable throughout the experience, and if you own a PC that can run it well (you probably do, despite the myths floating about) you should definitely play it, especially since it's dropped significantly in price.

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