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To make Cuthbert light up the lunar pad, he must activate the switches, which are located at the corner of the squares, by walking across them. When all four switches are turned on, the whole square will light up.

Each switch scores one point. Each square scores five points. When the whole 'pad' is alight, you get a bonus of 100, an extra Cuthbert and a new screen to fill in. Your bonus increases by 100 for each successive screen.


Cuthbert can be controlled with either a joystick or the keyboard.

If your don't have a joystick connected press key K (for Keyboard only mode). To move Cuthbert use the arrow keys or the joystick for the direction and the space bar or joystick button to make him jump on the horizontal lines but he can only climb down the vertical lines. Note that Cuthbert will not walk blindly off the edge of the grid but it is possible to jump him over it – to certain death – so be careful!

Additional buttons

Key B – Will stop the game, temporarily freezing the action until key 5 is pressed. Cuthbert will wait forever until you return to continue where you left off.

Key 8 – If you are using a black and white TV you will need key 8 for screens 3,7 and 11. These screens are a different color and the action is not clear in monochrome.


Cuthbert is under constant attack by the Moronians. These are all intelligent and explosive – and they don't like Cuthbert. Cuthbert can jump over them provided they are not about to change direction.

The Chief Moronian is the Moronian who appears late in each screen (listen for the warnings). He is very intelligent and doesn't play fair.

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