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After its time as a hit in the arcades, Cyberball was ported to the home consoles, with the Genesis translation being the closest to its arcade predecessor.

In Cyberball, you control a 7 robot football team. The robots are of different sizes and different talents (smaller robots are faster but can take less punishment, for example). As robots are hit, they emit smoke before eventually exploding and fumbling the ball, which makes over-utilization of your best player not the best idea.

Rather than downs, the teams must move an explosive ball past the 50-yard line as it goes from cool to warm to hot to critical before exploding and destroying the character who has the ball at that point. The list of available plays is small, with the defense only getting to choose how deep their coverage is and the offense getting a limited selection of pass, run, or option plays.

The Japanese Mega Drive version of the game supported the Sega Meganet service for online play.

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