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The Daedroth (meaning "One Daedra") is a Daedric creature with a reptilian appearance. They walk upright on their hind legs and are associated with Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of rape. They are among the strongest of the lesser Daedra.


Daedroth - Daggerfall
Since Daggerfall, the Daedroth has undergone a strange reverted evolution, becoming gradually more feral in each Elder Scrolls game. Unlike the Daedroths from Morrowind and Oblivion, this version wore armor and used weapons.


The Daedroth can be found throughout Vvardenfell, the island subcontinent of Morrowind, were they guard the many Daedric shrines found within the Ashlands.
Daedroth - Morrowind

They are capable fighters when forced to engage in close combat, but their deadliness become far more potent when they are allowed to ready one of their many spells and unleash them upon their foes. Their hearts are well sought after, mainly because of their magical properties.

Type - Daedra
Health - 180
Movement - Ground: Walking, Running
Attacks -
  • Melee - 12-36 pts. damage
  • Shockbloom - 1-25 pts. Shock damage in 10 feet for 5 sec. on Target
  • Poisonbloom - 1-20 pts. Poison damage in 10 feet for 5 sec. on Target
Defense -
  • Third Barrier - Shield 30 pts. for 30 sec. on Self
  • Regenerate - Restore Health 1-5 pts. for 20 sec. on Self
Strengths & Weaknesses-
  • Resistance to Normal Weapons - 100%
Loot - Daedra's Heart
Soul Level - 195 (Grand)


The Daedroths went throught a lot of changes since their last appearance, both cosmetically and in-depth. Still a Daedric
Daedroth - Oblivion
creature, the Daedroths have become considerable bulkier and more combat-oriented.
Almost all of their spells are gone, leaving only the fire spell as a form of ranged attack. The now more dimwitted Daedroth is still a force to be reckoned with and more of a powerhouse than ever before.

Type - Daedra
Level - 16
Health- 280
Movement - Ground: Walking, Running
Attacks -
  • Melee - 40 pts. Damage
  • Fiery Breath - 20 pts. Fire damage in 5 feet on Target. Immune to silence.
Defense -
  • Daedroth Shield - Shield 20 pts. for 45 sec. on Self. Immune to silence.
Strengths and Weaknesses -
  • Resistance to Fire - 33%
  • Weakness to Shock - 20%
Loot -
  • Daedroth Teeth
  • Minor Loot - 15%
Soul Level - 1200 (Greater)

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