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The Dai Li is an organization that appear as enemies in Avatar: The Last Airbender - Burning Earth. They act as the secret police of Ba Sing Se, performing kidnappings, interrogations, and executions for their boss Long Feng. Every Dai Li agent is an Earthbender (capable of manipulating rock) with a specific style utilizing stone gloves and shoes for projectiles. They don't use as many heavy attacks as regular soldiers preferring to be much more discreet with their moves. In game, they're usually tougher than normal enemies with trickier attacks.

Two Dai Li agents also appear as a boss battle in Avatar: The Last Airbender - Into the Inferno.

Burning Earth Appearances

Game Boy Advance

Caught in a Bad Place
Caught in a Bad Place
Dai Li agents only appear in the secret stages accessed by scoring A ranks throughout the game. They stand in one spot throwing out handcuffs on a chain to draw the player in for an area attack. It's easy enough to resist one, but with two or more with chains attached it's unavoidable until the player takes damage.

Nintendo DS

Get Used to This
Get Used to This
The Dai Li are never fought alone in the DS version. Encounters include two or more agents capable of dealing, as well as taking, lots of damage. Often the player can only fight them with one character making crowd control difficult. Dai Li agents run around while using their gloves as projectile weapons. Often they will launch rock traps, keeping the player stationary while they continue to attack.

Into the Inferno Appearances

The only appearance of the Dai Li in Avatar: Into the Inferno is a boss battle featuring two agents working for Azula. Their only job is to stall for time and keep Aang from finding the Fire Lord during an eclipse when Firebenders are helpless. How they fight differs from console versions to the handheld version, but their purpose is the same.

PS2, Wii

The two Dai Li agents alternate from running along the wall to popping out of the ground to spring rock traps. Between these attacks they will also launch a wave of earth that can only be avoided by taking higher ground or stopping it with a pillar. Both of them have to be defeated in order to end the fight.

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