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Long Feng is a boss found in all versions of Avatar: The Last Airbender - Burning Earth. Officially his title is Grand Secretariat of Ba Sing Se, acting as a cultural minister, advisor to the Earth King, and head of the Dai Li police force. In reality, he uses his position to keep the king hidden away and hopelessly naive while he controls all the real power in the city. He shows a lot of experience maintaining a peaceful facade while keeping people oppressed with kidnapping, brainwashing, blackmail, and execution. He keeps Ba Sing Se ignorant of the war with the Fire Nation in order to maintain a comfy seat of power. 
He's one of the few villains that kills one of the protagonists, a teenager named Jet, and escapes without repercussions.

Clancy Brown, who voices Long Feng in the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, reprises his role for the games.  


Game Boy Advance

Oh No. Watch Out
Long Feng is a secret boss in the GBA version fought with Toph and Aang. He's encountered at the end of four stages only unlocked after scoring A ranks throughout the game. He appears in the Earth King's palace with a limited move set of running up on the player and attacking with a rock pillar thrust. As a boss, he has armor, but is barely more durable than the average enemy.

Nintendo DS

He's Supervising
In the Nintendo DS release, he appears as the boss of Lake Laogai but doesn't actually do any fighting. Instead he stands on top of a platform and supports Dai Li agents on the ground with Earthbending in the form of rock pillars to knock the player around. Once his agents are defeated, he'll kill Jet and escape

PS2, Wii, XBox 360

In the console versions Long Feng is a traditional boss who gets his hands dirty by fighting for himself. He's fought with Jet and Aang and attacks with a wider range of Earthbending moves such as a rock wave and tossing boulders. A pillar attack returns in the form of splitting off into smaller pillars that explode.

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