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Looks nice, gameplay however isn't.

Man this game looked fantastic from videos and pics prior to its release and i was REALLY hoping that it actually has a Gears of War touch in it (graphics and guns) mixed with a Wild West feel to it (the wooden buildings, the environment and atmosphere, the landscape, damn even the protagonist's outfit!).. 
This game certainly delivers all those things but in the crappiest way ever that makes you think, several times during gameplay "Oh my, this is a good story and a good concept and they have some bright ideas, but Oh my. they totally failed at executing it and all i have in my hands now is a weak product sawn together badly, which could have been an epic piece of work if they put more time into it"

The game begins with a badass opening video of the BAD GUYS (i believe they are the half-man half-machine army of a rich industrialist who's plotting to screw america over, more than its already screwed from the bad condition of several decades of civil war) and like i said that video shows huge landscape, wide canyons and big mountains and just to imagine being in action in this kind of set is breath taking..
Then you start playing as..... dude im not here to give information, im short on info myself, im here to review the gameplay (i was disappointed enough to review this game)

So anyway you're that guy wearing the hat and you and your guyfriend and smoking hot lady friend are supposed to be a super force of good against the endless army of Automen i think they were called, and you're here to blow up bridges and just try to stop them at any cost.
So you begin with a tutorial which from you learn that you cant fight or draw your gun or even reload unless you're in Combat Mode (holding down the right mouse button).. umm.. yeah, great.
From the very beginning you notice that the big ass shiny guns look just like the Gears Of War guns, thats a good start. Also the graphics are alot like the Unreal franchise and GOW (i was like "i know theyre using the Unreal engine but god DAMN thats too much resemblence") but the fact that this game has too much landscape and canyons and cliffs and mountains required a bit of a twist when it came to colors, therefore this game has alot more brown and greenish brown.

So you learn the controls and what not, then you run into a patrol of crazy farmers (you're gonna be seeing alot of those along the way) and THIS IS THE VERY FIRST MOMENT YOU DRAW YOUR GUN TO SHOOT, and what happens? the combat totally sucks!
1)The crosshair moves around like a whacky mouse pointer and you have to put in some effort to get it right on the enemy but the enemy starts moving which is REALLY impressive for the first 5 enemies or so, but then =>
2)thats ALL the AI does.. just move left or right, so after my 10th kill i knew exactly where theyre gonna move when i point the crosshair at em so i point it next to the guy and shoot and he drops dead... got silly after a while
3)The enemy AI is really stupid and does the same things when u start from the last checkpoint, so one time i knew a guy was coming from inside the building next to me so i beat him to it => i crashed into the window and went inside the house.. what does he do? he moves along, just walks right past me, climbs the window and gets outside to shoot ME and my friends since im supposed to be outside with my friends.. super gay.
4)the AI when they shoot at you, its unreal.. sometimes they barely hit you and sometimes they dont give you a chance to think just bam bam and the screen goes all grey and depressing and you just know you're dropping dead. i mean i KNOW that im playing on Hardcore still it doesnt make any sense.
5) Your AI friends are hellllllllla stupid. they just stand around and wait for you to do something or go somewhere, and when you finally figure out where to go they say "i'll be there in a second" but they dont follow you, they APPEAR NEXT TO YOU when you get there as if they've been waiting for you there all along. One time i opened a gate and got in, my smoking hot companion jumped from somewhere to my right but that doesnt make sense cuz the only way in is from the gate right behind me..
6)last but absolutely not the least => the movement..
 (a) you know those kinda sick games where you take a left on A and then you have to spin the mouse TOO so you can get back to the camera position you want? this is one of those games.. and the funny thing is, this is supposed to be a smooth movement game since you have all those acrobatic jumps and climbing and shit, but no each time you make a bit of progress you have to adjust the goddamn camera.. man oh MAN.
(b)its in third person view, but the camera isnt as close to the guy as it should be nor as far as it should be, its just.. REALLY far and with what i said in 'a' and what im gonna say in 'c' its just unbearable to move and go forward in corridores and tunnels.
(c) the last bit of the movement that sucked is his pace.. he runs really quick and like his steps are really big so you cant move a few inches if you need to, he just STEPS a few meters away from where he was standing and its SO ANNOYING when you're on some kinda edge going up all around a mountain and your pace is supposed to be slow and accurate..

So yeah, after telling you all those things that made me stop after 1 hour of playing, lets try to think of good things about this crappy game..
1)the whole idea of the civil war continuing for this long is really interesting but unfortunately i cant be a part of it if the game sucks too much to let me!
2)as i said it has similarities to GOW which is really nice for your eyes to see
3)there was a part where i drove a motorcycle so fast i could drive on the wall next to me and that was just an ultimate rush, then again my AI smoking hot lady friend took an HOUR to ride behind me whenever we rode again after dismounting the bike for any reason.

Sorry i didnt include any fancy pics or subtitles, this is my first review!

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