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A Break From Oblivion

Dark Messiah wraps a dull story around repetitive combat. It's not a bad game, but some glitches and diffuculty hurt the game. Gameplay is fun thats all there is too it swords staffs daggers and shields are all diffrent and change up game play from your normal FPS/RPG game,As you progress you get skill points to upgrade talents,skills,magic and weapons.
You can kill your enemy in many ways from a chandalier to a candle stick and a long sword to a enchanted staff.. Graphics are amazing,Atleast xbox 360 quality there are some graphics glitches where a texture goes purple(that happens with steam games...alot) Sounds are great to from the screams of the dying and wounded to the claning of swords.This is a good game with few bugs and a great game to play for 10 our so hours before uninstalling and going back to oblivion.

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