gingertastic_10's Dark Sector (Xbox 360) review

cool idea...but falls short

Well D3 tried..ill give them that..the graphics are steller..and takes a good amount of gameplay off of Gears of War..the basic story to this game is that you play as Hayden (the emo government agent) and you are sent to the fake country of Lasria..and there seems to be some sort of virus spreading throught the country..and like most games..your job is to stop it before it spreads..kinda like the start it plays just like a normal duck in and out of cover and this works very well

you dont have a health bar either..instead when you are close to death, your screen flashes red and all you have to do is stay still and try not to die..running low on health isnt really a problem until you yourself get infected..thats when most of the action first its just a standard "learn how to play the game while we also tell you the story" this game has some awesome for instance when you first become meet the villian "Mezner"..and as your laying there after getting your ass kicked by his right hand man..he starts to tell you like why hes choosing you and crap like that..and you say a cool line and press a button and BOOM!! and the words Dark Sector fade that was cool!!!

now onto the real thing that makes Dark Sector worth playing..and of course its the Glaive..its the weapon you get upon getting infected..this is a very innovative weapon and you have the ability to slow down time and control it i didnt think this worked as well as it could have..i often found myself misses because it overreacted and moved to much in a certain direction..but the slo mo does make for some awesomely gory use the glaive for almost all the puzzles..and there arent really that many anyway..some of them that did happen i felt were not they didnt give you enough time get to the area or things like can carry other weapons to..but you cant pick up any enemy weapons because they explode after a can buy can usually do this at the beginning of each chapter..i suggest buying the shotgun and maxing the abilitys out..its a great gun to use..but this game is mainly made to be played with the glaive

there are two things that make this game worth buying, the glaive, and the boss fights..this game has some great moments..from the first boss the last they are all unique and challenging..and the thing that makes them unique is that you think you know what to do to kill the boss, yet your actually doing it completly wrong, so you have to stop and think about what to do..Hayden gets some revenge and saves the world in a very cool ending that really think how bad ass this game was

yet even though it had some really awesome moments..every stage is the same and and shoot..fight mini and shoot..fight boss..that gets super annoying over time..and even the fact that Haydens body changes at the beginning of each level isnt enough to save the awful annoynaces

overall its a great game that is weighed down by its unforgiving flaws


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