Any reason NOT to join covenants?

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In general, can I just say "yes" to every covenant offer, and then abandon it if I don't like it, or do covenants lock you into/out of certain events/items/quests?

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@bbalpert: Unlike DkS1, there is apparently no penalty to your covenant rank if you switch covenants or abandon them via Shalquoir i.e. you don't need to worry about grinding an excessive number of sunlight medals, just 30 successful summons and you're golden for rank 3. Short of killing the person who lets you join a covenant e.g. the dude in Cathedral of Blue, I don't think dropping from a covenant locks you out of it altogether either, as even then there's the gravestone thing you can do with certain NPCs. So join away and get those achievements. Some covenants require items to join or specific things to happen first, such as for the tiny dude after Executioner's Chariot (forgot his name). He won't offer the covenant to you otherwise.

Sin might be tangentially related, but I'm not sure the mechanics have been nailed down for that just yet i.e. what specifically causes sin to accumulate, as killing NPCs might do this. As far I've read, you accumulate 1 point of sin for every cracked red eye orb invasion you perform, and from 1-9 you're okay. 10+ and you are more frequently invaded, and from a further point on (up to approx 400?), your health will drop down even further while hollowed if you're an incredible bastard to other players as an additional punishment.

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or do covenants lock you into/out of certain events/items/quests?

Apparently in NG+ or NG++, certain merchants will sell different items, some of which are usually covenant rank rewards. I believe you can get around this by burning the necessary number of ascetics at the relevant bonfire, but bear in mind this will bump up the difficulty of that particular area, as well as reset any bosses.

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