Guess the next Souls name!

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Dr. Scholls' Dark Soles

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Derpdy Derp Souls!


Astora's Souls!!!!

Praise the SUN!!!

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Dragon Souls

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Tortured Souls?

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Save Our Souls

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Better Call Soul.

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Dark Souls 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Diablo Souls

Devil Souls

Dubstep Souls

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Doomed Souls. That actually sounds like a game I would play.

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Dark Ring, no wait..

Dark Anus.

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boy souls

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@JasonR86 said:

King's Field V.


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Lark Rise To Candleford Souls. BBC distribution.

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Slam Souls

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King's Field 5.

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I'll go against you and say I wouldn't be surprised by Dark Souls 2. Weren't they forced to change it because they went multiplatform?

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@ArbitraryWater said:

Doomed Souls. That actually sounds like a game I would play.

Yup. My favorite serious submission so far. Sounds like a good title for a game.

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Dark Demon's Souls

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@ajamafalous said:

I'll go against you and say I wouldn't be surprised by Dark Souls 2. Weren't they forced to change it because they went multiplatform?

Probably, but they seem to change it all the time. King's Field, Eternal Ring, Demon's Souls, Dark Souls. They are all "spiritual successors" to each other.

I remember reading that they wanted to originally call it Dark Race (whoops), Dark Lord (couldn't get the trademark), Dark Ring (butt hole). So they probably weren't that attached to the Souls part.

I don't think they've ever had the success they've had with this though, so I think Dark Souls 2: Subtitle would be boring but I wouldn't be surprised.

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Dark Souls II: Jedi Knight

Disestablishmentarianism Souls

Microsoft Action Role Playing Live Essentials 2014 Enterprise Edition x64

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Chaos Souls. Dark souls had many connections to the first game including a darkness lightness theme. I suspect the next one will be the same, and expand upon an altered Witches of Izalith situation. Plus i get the feeling that they want to beak free of the DS pattern.

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It's obviously going to be Dragon Souls. That's the best guess from a lore point of view. Demon Souls is the theme of the first game dealing with the demons in the world, the decayed, the fallen. Dark Souls for the second meaning human kind, the mortal gods, and lords. Dragon Souls would be the third to represent the immortal, the omnipotent, the ancient dragons. That's the best guess not only from me but from the community too. Dragons have always been a very important focus on the series and they are the only part of the lore that hasn't been explored to its fullest. Also, don't ask this. I'm happy with Dark Souls (the best game ever made). I'm afraid From Soft will never achieve something better.

EDIT: Also, to what everyone is saying about a Dark Souls 2. Miyazaki already said a sequel to Dark Souls isn't what he wants to do next. He would prefer to make a game with a different take on the themes explored in both previous games. He wants to keep the theme, atmosphere, and general feeling but in a different universe.

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Bleak Black Souls

Grim Dark Souls

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How's about

"Russian Martian Souls," "Regular-Ass Souls," and (my personal favourite) "Green Lantern Souls!"

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Doctor Scholls

It's already been mentioned but I like the sound of damned souls alot.

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@ExplodeMode: The Souls games are two of my fave games of all time. Do you think i would like King's Field and Eternal Ring? This is the first time i have heard of these games.

Also, is it confirmed we are getting another Souls game?!?!

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@Moblin: I never got to play Eternal Ring, but you would have to have a really high tolerance for older ugly games to get into KF.

None of the online hooks, the combat is a lot of backing up and moving forward and strafing like an Elder Scrolls game (it's all first person) so it isn't as good, worse AI. It's less about finesse or skill and more about your level/gear/magic because of clunk.

They are pretty cool time capsules for seeing some older versions of level and monster design that shows up later in Demon's/Dark Souls, but probably hard to stomach today.

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Depressed Souls?

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The Souls

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Doomed Souls.

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The Souls Saga Presents: Demonstorm Chaos Rising - Reckoning

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Soul Souls

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Spark Bowls; Prepare to High

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Darker Souls

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Souls U

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Digimon Souls

Two great franchises finally combined!

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THE Dark souls

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SOUL SACRIFICE. Do i win now?

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Soul Calibur

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Well, fuck.

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I bet it's called Dark Souls II.

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@Ducksworth said:

I bet it's called Dark Souls II.

Maybe....I think Dilapidated Souls might be the winner here.

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I wish it had at least been Darks' Soul's II, then the title would give you something to think about.

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