Did Dead island ever develop a following?

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After watching the Dead Island TNT for the first time last night (fuck red truck), I kinda want to get this game now. And, this is a game I completely ignored when it was released. If I get it, are people still playing it online?

I know that some people play most every game online these days, hell you can still find a match in TC: Endwar. But is there enough of a community where multiplayer could be a fun experience? On the PC?

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I missed out on the launch time for Dead Island but I still go back every now and then but on PS3

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I can't answer your question but can say that I played through it by myself and had a really good time anyway.

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I liked it, at least up to the third act.

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There's still people playing it online.

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It has quite a bit of a following actually. I know that here in my hometown, it's STILL difficult to find a copy of the game - new or used. It took us a solid five months before we could get a copy here at work (we don't typically order stuff online).

Personally, I've played it on 360 and PC, and I still prefer the PC version. It can be rather buggy until you've messed around with it a significant amount to fix it. Even then, KB/M controls are still relatively messy without having to set up FilterKeys for it (apparently, the game doesn't like repeated keystrokes). I'm not sure if there are any mods to fix that stuff as I haven't really looked. You can play it with a controller, though.

Nonetheless, yeah, there's a following behind it. I can't wait for Riptide to come out.

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I know that I played this game a ton. I played through it the first time by myself and then proceeded to play through it two more full times in co-op.

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Most online communities are pretty much ghost towns after the first year barrong stuff the size of Halo, Starcraft, etc., but sure, I bet a few hundred people are playing Dead Island each evening, so you could probably find a game.

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Great to hear.

I;m actually not sure whether to get the Xbox or the PC version at the moment.

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They are making a sequel so I would say yes.

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It's a better game online and I hope and believe there will be more focus on that in the sequel. Looking forward to it and hope they update everything that felt clumsy and manage to make the game even a bit more open. All zombie games should be played online and with other "survivors"

If you get it now, you get it cheap. And I found it fun, though too weak on the storyline, most side quests and character "development".

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I borrowed it from a friend on the ps3 and I beat it by myself. So I probably didn't get the full experience of the game, because when I joined online games they weren't fun. Like I imagine playing with friends you know would make the game amazing, but I was just so soured by that game's combat. I was playing the analog way as Brad urged people to do, and it was fun. But midway through the game it becomes useless as it throws running dudes at you, and the final boss was the nail in the coffin for that game for me.

Sam B talks about katrina.

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I hope it is. I only played it single player but I adored it. But you gotta use a controller so you can use analog combat. It is so much more fun that way.

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got this a few months back, felt like i kinda wasted my monies on it but maybe i'll reinstall it and give it another go.

spoiler: i didn't play any multiplayer, lawl

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I really like the first area of the game but the constant barrage of Infected in the city ruined it for me, sadly.

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Thought is was great, it was pretty jankie and at times down right broken, but overall it was a lot of fun.

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I think it had a bit of a cult following attached to it.

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I still really want to play this game. It looked pretty cool.

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I can certainly attest that this has a cult following. My regular Live Party-mates and I still beat some zombie heads and replicate the most god-awful Australian accents (say it with me, "Sinamoyyyyyyyyyyyyyy") on a regular basis.

To me it's more replayable than something like the original Borderlands. I much prefer to headstomp than shoot for my loot.

The key factor to its success amongst our group has been the system which allows your character to always fight enemies of their approximate level, and receive appropriate XP. This was patched in something like 6 months after release, and is one of my favourite examples of post-release support. Techland did a great job with the 360 version. I hear PC was really broken though, so be warned.

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Yes. As I recall, it sold rather well.

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I played the shit out of it, the combat is the best melee action I ever experienced in a game, so satisfying.
Never touched the multiplayer though.

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I have it on the PC but I barely played it. I should get back to it one day (and drag people in my friend's list with me).

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I played it back in June or July and there were still people online. I really enjoyed it too.

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I loved Dead Island. But then I played it again with a friend who hadn't played it and realized they patched some things in an attempt to balance the game, but instead just made it unfun and more frustrating. Like making kicks drain stamina.

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