So let's talk about the ending - SPOILERS!

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What did you think about the ending?
At the end I felt bad for Mowem, Jin was such a bad character I really didn't care. I also didn't get why White didn't let us ride in the chopper to.

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When Jin got shot, me and my coop buddy yelled " NO OUR WEAPONS! " So, not too much character investment there. And then we used our special "developer 666" to kill the boss in 5 seconds. The ending was not great.

I guess everybody on the island that you help gets left behind/nuked, one again didn't mind that much. The only real story element that got to me was the recording guy, who got killed in the end. Every thing dramatic seems to happen while your characters not around. I did, however, like the mission where you kill the psychopath in the prison, and you pretty much one shot him, showing that you are the true mass murderer.

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Im so revolted by this game that I intentionally clicked on this thread to spoil it for myself and kill any motive to care about it 
Sadly, the game's so bad you didn't exactly spoil anything right now

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Dude chill out it's just games

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@AhmadMetallic: They make it off the island safe and sound and live happily ever after..

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My game crapped out at lvl 37 in Prison and now wont load so I figured id just read teh ending until the fix it or I play through another time in the future.
Is the some achievement for bitching about every game on these forums your trying to S-Rank because achievement unlocked my friend, take a break.

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Needless to say the boss battle felt almost cheap at times.

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@weeman105: The final fight was really poorly done, I mean Iknew I was never going to do a new game +, so I didn't care about dying. So I would hit him a few times, die, then hit him again then die and etc till he died.

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I felt like making White a strong, faster version of the infected was a real wtf ending, kind of like the ending of Arkham Asylum where a similar thing happens to The Joker. I mean, I know his wife bit him but for everyone else the virus didn't react that quickly. Are we to believe that the "antidote" backfired or had some sort of negative reaction and really exacerbated the infection?
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I think the ending was not very good. Actually I should say I didn't think the story in this entire game was very good. That being said I am already halfway through it a second time and absolutely love it.

I really think they could have made it MUCH more interesting. It seemed like there was a lot of potential for a great story to be had here.

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Ending was terrible, actually anything that was the main story was terrible.

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I thought the ending was a joke. Like there had to be another stage to the boss or something. I didn't even bother to use my good weapons, just a modded rifle that did fire damage. Unloaded on him until I was out of ammo, ran back to the ammo pile and then did it again. Rinse and repeat until dead. Didn't bother to even try anything else because this worked flawlessly. Kinda lame really, regular Infected were harder to deal with sometimes than the boss.

Though, I still had a great time with the game even encountering a few problems. I wasn't really playing for the story but for the atmosphere and the zombie killing. It did that part pretty well.

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dead island story is totally out of context. every location & mission doesn't make any sense. there is no real connection with each other. I feel like doing separated mission or following independently. what the worst thing is the end. such a bullshit. make story short. the point is that they have to escape from fucking island. this is whole story.

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Forget the final boss, he was okay, not great, but what the game really needed was a variety of crazy zombie boss battles throughout. And it was a bit disappointing to not run into ANY Butchers at all in the prison. They were the last zombie to show up and the first to disappear, the murderous little mf'ers. And the NG+ matchmaking sucks - now I can join other players at the beginning of the game, but they aren't on NG+ so they are like level 3 zombies? WTF?

Anyway, as far as the ending goes -

Did I just totally say "screw Sinamoi and the rest of the resort survivors that I've been trying to help for the WHOLE game"? Yes, yes I did, as the story goes, screw them and we'll take this terrorist hacker guy with us instead. That was a bit anti-climactic.

But anyway, I didn't play this game for the story, I played it because it was bloody fun, I really don't get comments like Ahmad's. You are following the story of a game with fun gameplay and a barely extant story, you are going to read about the "ending" but not shatter them zombies? That's like buying a dog just so you can pick up it's shit. Genius. If you like poo.

@AhmadMetallic said:

Im so revolted by this game that I intentionally clicked on this thread to spoil it for myself and kill any motive to care about it Sadly, the game's so bad you didn't exactly spoil anything right now
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I've just deleted a bunch of posts in this thread ranging from direct insults to other users to advocating piracy. Knock it off guys. None of that is even the slightest bit appropriate. Some of you may be getting PM's about your behaviour.

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I really can't believe all the shit Jin goes through for pretty much no reason and how little of a fuck everyone else gives. Not to mention how everyone in the island is doomed to either starve or get killed. Also I'm almost positive that the native chick is going to spread the virus around in a DLC or something.

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@Detrian said:

Also I'm almost positive that the native chick is going to spread the virus around in a DLC or something.

She's basically Andy (little brother) from 28 Weeks Later, they really screwed that point up big time since I was on-board with the shaman.

Should have killed that obvious typhoid Mary right away.

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The story is not what I played the game for, so I wasn't really fussed by the ending.

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I didn't mind the ending. The tape records were by far the most interesting part of the story for me. Some of them were really creepy.

The end boss fight was anti-climactic for me. I got a critical hit with electricity and took him down the first hit.

I'm guessing the next game will be Dead Continent.

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A little late, but from what I get is a set up for a sequel.

So that hacker guy was actually the guy behind spreading the virus?

also, lolJin.

and the boss is easy as fuck, they give you like 9 gernades, you can easily take him out with it. But yeah, those infected are annoying as fuck

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I'm a few months late to this but i just got done with the game. I loved it. But the 2 plot/quests i had super interest in pretty much got written off and feel incomplete. These are:

1). The plane crash.....

They are all dead, end of story.

2). The Russians.....

I did what you said bro, but you kinda just disappeared.

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The ending was really bad, and I won't be getting the Ryder White's DLC as I didn't like him at all.

PS: I like that in the recordings, the guy (don't know who he is) says he was being attacked by an orangutang zombie (an animal), and the Doctor at the lab says only human are infected by the virus. Contradictions...

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