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Dead or Alive: Dimensions is a Dead or Alive title for the Nintendo 3DS developed by Team Ninja. The game remixes stages and characters from earlier titles and adds new features such as a full story mode. The game was released in North America on May 24, 2011. The year 2011 also marks the fifteenth anniversary of the Dead or Alive series.


Dead or Alive: Dimensions is a fast paced fighting game at 60 frames per second (30 when switching to 3D mode) which can be played with up to four players. Dead or Alive uses two buttons for punching and kicking, a throw button which performs a grab move and a block button which can also be used for counters.

Use of the 3DS's Touch Screen

Like Super Street Fighter IV 3DS, DOA Dimensions will be utilizing the 3DS's bottom touch screen to assist players in learning and performing moves. The bottom screen will display command inputs for the selected character, and tapping a move on the touch screen will make the character perform it.

Chronicle Mode

Dead or Alive: Dimensions features a new story mode entitled "Chronicle" that serves as a tutorial for newcomers. Techniques and concepts are gradually taught to the player as they play through each chapter. The actual story is a full-fledged recounting of the major events of the DOA storyline from the first game up through Dead or Alive 4. During cutscenes, the touch screen is used to display notes to explain character backgrounds and factoids relevant to the game and its story.

Online Play

Dead or Alive: Dimensions offers basic online match-making options, allowing players to square off against either random opponents or friends on their 3DS friends roster. Matches can also be set for two rounds or three.



Exiled Ninja Age: 17

Nationality: Japanese

First appearance: Dead or Alive 


Ryu Hayabusa

Antique Shop Owner

Age: 23

Nationality: Japanese

First appearance: Dead or Alive

Hayate (Ein)


Age: 23

Nationality: Japanese

First appearance: Dead or Alive 2



Age: 16

Nationality: Japanese

First appearance: Dead or Alive (Playstation version)


Age: 50

Nationality: Japanese

First appearance: Dead or Alive (as last boss) 



High School Student

Nationality: German

First appearance: Dead or Alive 3 



Age: 24


Nationality: British

First appearance: Dead or Alive 3



Age: 31

Nationality: Russian

First appearance: Dead or Alive

Lei Fang

College Student

Age: 19

Nationality: Chinese

First appearance: Dead or Alive

Jann Lee


Age: 20

Nationality: Chinese

First appearance: Dead or Alive


Kasumi Clone

First Appearance: Dead or Alive 4 as boss character

Unseen DOA characters Fame Douglas, Victor Donovan and Shiden will finally make their appearances.



A returning stage from Dead or Alive 4, Kyoto is a bright stage with stands to smash your opponent's face into. Players can also take the fight into the water underneath a bridge. 



The lab where Kasumi clones were created. This stage has tons of expensive lab equipment and computers to electrocute your opponents on. This is also a returning stage, this time from Dead or Alive 2: Ultimate


Suspension Bridge

Don't look down! Also a returning stage from Dead or Alive 4, this suspension bridge is high over a river. Fights can quickly spill off the bridge and into the river. 


Snow Mountain

This stage is set on-- well, a mountain during a snow storm. Players can send their opponents flying down into an ice cavern, where players fight on a slippery patch of ice and throw opponents into huge icicles. This stage returns from Dead or Alive 2.

Metroid Crossover

In reference to Team Ninja's work on Metroid: Other M, Dead or Alive: Dimensions features an all-new stage set in a chamber similar to the one in which Samus fights Ridley in the Wii action title. Ridley himself makes an appearance in the stage as an obstacle to be avoided and will breathe fire projectiles at the fighters. Samus makes a cameo appearance in morph ball form, as well. Samus is not, however, a secret member of the game's fighting roster.

DLC Costumes

Tina DLC Costume

Tecmo Koei announced on March 12, 2011 that players are able to download free daily DLC costumes, which will be distributed via Spotpass. Tecmo plans to release 28 costumes, including one that can only be obtained on launch day.

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