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Christie is an assassin whose cold-blooded nature is reflected with a very distinctive snake motif from her viper like fighting style She Quan to the outfits she wears. Christie was originally hired by Victor Donovan to carry out the assassination of Helena Douglas the leader of DOATEC. This is not the first contract she has carried out against the Douglas family as she is also responsible for the murder of Helena's mother Maria Douglas.

Christie takes the shot.

Christie's strategy for taking out Helena was to get close to Helena under the guise of being her body guard. When in fact her goal was to help Victor overthrow the Douglas hold on DOATEC so he could take the reigns. One of Christie's first tasks at DOATEC during the first tournament was to work will fellow assassin Bayman to help in the transportation of the then captured Kasumi to the Freedom Survivor. Christie's plan to move forward on Helena happened after Bayman carried out a sucessful assination of her father at the end of the first tournament. Her plan was foiled as Helena's mother took the bullet for her daughter.

Helena who was still unaware of Christie's plot took her advice to lure the shinobi back into the open with the announcement of a 3rd tournament by using Genra as bait. During the 3rd tournament her main objective was to keep Helena who was getting ever so close to the truth in the dark. She eventually had no choice but to reveal her plans but was shortly intercepted by Bayman who was hired by Helena. She managed to escape Bayman's clutches during the confrontation. Sometime later Christie kidnapped Irene Lew CIA agent and friend and contact of Ryu Hayabusa in an attempt to lure him away from Ayane and Hayate so that the mind-manipulated Genra who was turned into the being known as Omega could carry out opening a portal to Hellfire. The attempt to remove the interference of the shinobi failed as Genra was felled in combat.

Christie returned in the 4 tournament again under the employ of Victor Donovan. Acting as Donovan's bodyguard she intercepts Ayane and Ryu Hayabusa during the Shinobi's attack on the DOATEC Tri-tower. Ryu promptly defeats her in combat. As the Tri-Tower is about to crumble after a successful attack by the shinobi on the tower Christie confronts Helena one last time despite the bad blood and Christie's cold nature she gives Helena the option to walk away without combat. Christie then finally reveals to Helena that she was her mothers assassin. The two battle with the tower crumbling around them the results of which are unknown except for the fact that both Helena and Christie both manage to escape the tower before final implosion.

Her inclusion into Dead or Alive 5 was announced with the April 26th 2012 trailer of Dead or Alive 5. She is also seen talking with DOA 5 newcomer Rig in the June 28th trailer.

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