gleasonryan's Dead Rising: Case Zero (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

5$ Zombie Slaughter?

 Dead Rising 2:Case 0 is a prequel to the upcoming Dead Rising 2. Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case 0 are being developed by Blue Castle Games. Dead Rising 2:Case 0 is Blue Castle’s first shot at a Dead Rising game. The big hook in Dead Rising 2 is the combo weapons that the protagonist, Chuck Greene, can make at work benches scattered around the world. Combo weapons are this games version of the photography that the first dead rising had. Case 0 has ten of the 50 combo weapons that will be in Dead Rising 2. Compared to the first game this game looks much better with the amount of zombies on screen at anytime noticeably higher. While saying the game looks better it does not look great up close and personal. If you were you get a good close look with the character models of Chuck, Katy (his daughter), or any of the survivors its not that impressive. Like the first dead rising this game runs on a timer. This timer 12 in game hours. During that time you have to give your daughter her needed Zombrex, make the combo weapons, and save survivors. The game serves as a way to get people excited for Dead Rising 2 which comes out in a few weeks. And in that regard it is a total success. At five dollars if you liked the first Dead Rising or are remotely interested in Dead Rising 2 this is a must buy.    


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