Adverserial MP, is it back?

#1 Posted by Hokucho (94 posts) -

I loved it in DS2. Do we just have Coop in this one or is there MP?

#2 Posted by LevelUpAdrian (173 posts) -

Pretty sure it's just co-op.

#3 Posted by big_jon (6333 posts) -

Only Co-op.

#4 Posted by Hokucho (94 posts) -

Wow really? That kiiinda sucks hard. Did they ever explain why?

#5 Posted by ShaggE (7884 posts) -

Shame it's not coming back, it's really fun to play as a Necromorph.

#6 Posted by BisonHero (9777 posts) -

Only co-op. EA/Visceral Games still doesn't really know how to turn Dead Space into a multiplayer game to stave off used game sales, but damn if they aren't continuing to experiment.

It reminds me of the Metroid Prime series, where Metroid Prime 2 inexplicably had a simplistic deathmatch local multiplayer mode, and then after zero fucks were given and reviews only made the briefest mentions of it, Retro Studios had the good sense to not make any attempt at multiplayer in Metroid Prime 3.

#7 Posted by Jedted (2756 posts) -

This is surprising as i heard DS2 multiplayer was quite popular. I only rented it on Xbox myself so i didn't play MP at all but i tried it out on the PC and i loved it.

#8 Posted by yinstarrunner (1293 posts) -

Glad to see some people liked DS2's multiplayer. I've only seen bad things said about it on the internet. I enjoyed it too, for what it was; a nice little distraction.

#9 Posted by Hokucho (94 posts) -

I actually went back and played it a bit tonight before I go rent DS3 tomorrow morning. I hope they dont shut the servers down. The scenario style anrratives are rather nice.

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