So, I really like this game.

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I recently purchased this for 10 bucks on PC, and I gotta say, worth it. I remember seeing people not like this game, at least story wise, so when I saw it for cheap I decided to give it a try. So far I am only on Chapter 5, but it seems good, unless it drastically changes soon, it may be great. It's nice to be able to customize weapons this time, and I just scrapped the starting pistol thing and combined it with the Plasma Cutter and am having a great time combat wise compared to the older games.

It is pretty odd fighting humans and being able to crouch in a Dead Space game, but oh well. Only thing I know that is pretty stupid is the ending.

Anyone else enjoy this game as much as I do? I really got tired of Dead Space by the end of Dead Space 2, so that may be why I like this one.

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So far I am only on Chapter 5

See, there's the thing: The first third or so of the game is actually totally decent. Don't you worry, it becomes a mediocre slog soon enough.

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Personally I hated it. Worst entry in the series IMO.

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I hated all of it but the beginning was at least...mediocre. When you get to the planet the game is fucking garbage. Don't say you like it until you've beaten it, THEN make your case.

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I'm going to play more of it because I like weapon crafting and it's fun co-op, but I can already see where this game is starting to fall apart. Last I played it, I had just landed on the planet.

1 and 2 are vastly superior games.

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Give it time.

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@kaos_cracker: A lot of people had greatly exaggerated opinions about this game, therefore you're not allowed to like it.

Personally I thought it was quite decent, and certainly above par when compared to other similar titles (in this case I broaden this category to most third person shooters). While most attributed their distaste for the game due to poor design and dramatic "changes" to the beloved formula, I actually thought it's biggest oversight was not being different enough. Dead Space 3 is for better and worse the same game we've played twice before, with the same enemies and more~or~less the same weapons despite having to craft them from different parts. People place such incredible blame on the ice planet because that is the exact point where the gameplay wears out it's welcome by virtue of attrition. All Dead Space entries have the same quiet beginning, amped up mid-stretch and a mad dash to the finish.

I will gladly play another one of these but they need to come up with a new plasma gun, new enemies and new fear. Necromorphs jumping out of vents are so ingrained in me by this point that each time I entered an elevator in 3 I instinctively peered up at the ceiling waiting for that moment when your serene ascent would be interrupted by a visit from above - and eventually it was.

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Everything about the game was awful from the start. For me, of course (just my opinion). I found it be aping lost planet (why?), where they were taking the story felt shoehorned, the mechanics are wrong, the combat feels wrong, the boot stomp is wrong, the atmosphere is wrong, and zero gravity feels wrong.

I actually only stopped playing it because the game continuously crashes on my PC for some reason but I didn't like how unlike Dead Space it was from the beginning. That's probably because it was a different development team but everything felt off. I just didn't like it.

That's just me, though.

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Dead Space 3 has a fun couple of hours in it, but you play that couple of hours over and over and over. You will also find that the weapon crafting sucks a lot of the variety out of the combat, I found it very hard to move past using some kind of machine gun variant most of the time, so you lose a lot of the nuance of learning the different guns. Hell, by the end of the game I just used to similar weapons in both spots, because not reloading was more useful than a gimmicky weapon.

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Maybe me liking this game is also because after a while I really didn't like parts of the older games. It feels like a 3rd person horror game, with the survival part taken out, which to me is different. Again, only on Chapter 5, but I have tons of health and ammo so it makes the combat easier to manage with just being able to get to each area very easily. I'm used to not having any ammo or health, so I guess this change is good to me, as I also have other games I want to get beat soon.

I think it's a good horror shooter, but if you look at it as just another Dead Space game, then of course it is bad.

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I actually really liked it. Thought it was definitely in the same league as the other games. But yeah, it kind of became a favorite target to crucify, because EA.

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Pretty much like Brad has said, all that stuff in space is actually kinda awesome. It's not til you get on the planet that things start getting kinda shitty.

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I didn't mind Dead Space 3 too much, but it's definitely an argument for why sometimes silent protagonists are preferred.


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@quarters said:

I actually really liked it. Thought it was definitely in the same league as the other games. But yeah, it kind of became a favorite target to crucify, because EA.

Yup, that's right. Any and all criticisms levied against Dead Space 3 are simply spurned on as an excuse to direct more scorn at EA. Clearly.

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yeah i loved 1 and 2 but 3 rubbed me the wrong way right after the space part i was just rushing through to see the end cause i was so fed up with also fighting humans was very annoying specially in the last parts

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@yummylee said:

@quarters said:

I actually really liked it. Thought it was definitely in the same league as the other games. But yeah, it kind of became a favorite target to crucify, because EA.

Yup, that's right. Any and all criticisms levied against Dead Space 3 are simply spurned on as an excuse to direct more scorn at EA. Clearly.

I didn't say(or at least I didn't mean) that it was the only reason. Some people didn't like the game for legit reasons(whether I agreed with them or not, or whether those issues bothered me is another matter). But you can't deny that anything under EA's umbrella has a GIGANTIC target painted on its back, especially since this wasn't that far off from all of the ME3 nonsense. I was talking more along the lines of the ones that were on the excessive end of the complaining, which made it sound like the worst game ever created under the survival horror genre. It was the same type of complaining that Bioware got hit with in a lot of there stuff(hello, Dragon Age II).

Also, don't get me wrong, EA has been pretty boneheaded at points, I more just meant that there has been a lot of splash damage as well.

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I have a lot of problems with the game. I really love the first two, and I think that makes the disappointment sting a little more. To be fair, the game begins pretty solidly. The whole space section has some really great ideas, and I almost wish it just stayed there (despite it being done before). Beside that, once you're on the planet you're spending most of your time in windowless corridors that might as well be inside a spaceship anyway.

My biggest problem was what they did with the combat in the second half. While the previous Dead Space games did amp up the action as they progressed, they were paced a lot more quickly. This game loves to throw wave after wave of monsters at you. Which really begins to break down why fighting the same three or four melee enemies for fifteen hours is boring. The enemies also take a lot more damage before going down, resulting in you spending a lot more time in combat. It's not particularly difficult. Just ends up being a lot of back peddling and shooting at legs. Or getting in a corner and shooting the ground with rockets.

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I really enjoyed this the whole way through. The only thing I didn't like was that the ending was DLC.

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I had a lot of fun with this game. It did have some problems but when it came down to it, it was for the most part a great game. The weapon crafting was fun to tinker around with and the gameplay solid.

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The ending...

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Played through it co-op with my brother and it was one of the best gaming experiences I had last year. The combat, sound design, and weapon crafting kept it interesting throughout the 20 or so hours it took to complete.

Definitely not as good as DS2, but I found it much better than the snooze-fest that is the first game.

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