razr95's Dead Space Extraction (Wii) review

Excellent game

Game play : I've asked this game for my birthday because some people said it was good and when i started playing it i've noticed that you start the story and you find a marker and that marker infected people i didnt really get the story but this game is fun t'il beggining to end. You can't move your character it moves by itself you can only shoot and open doors that can be annoying because you would like to experience this game and react with the controls but it moves by itself you will notice that this game has a stars that you can get thats if you kill a lot of enemies get perfect reloads change difficulty you will get starts out of 5 the more you get the more upgrades you will unlock these upgrades help you to have more damage from certain weapons thats a great way to get you character better. There are some cinematics that you can watch they are really well made and there are some challenges where you have to kill enemies in 10 waves wich takes about a minute each wave those are fun. You get a wide selection of weapon on the story mode there are 10 chapters and the ending is amazing. I wanted the game to be a lot longer because it was really fun. I suggest maybe renting it to see if you like this type of game.

Graphics:The graphics are insanely great all the characters look great all the maps look sharp and everything in the game and what you see is the best graphics that the wii can support its so great i've never thought that the wii would have graphics that almost look a little like 360 graphics.

Sound: The music the sound effects the voice acting is all perfect. The story is well told i've really like on how the sound effects and the little scary parts but there wasn't enough for example condemned criminal origins is a game that i adored it had everything i liked in it.

Controls: The controls are simple but you dont move your character you only shoot and open doors its almost as ifyou were watching a movie except you interact in a few things.


+Great voice acting

+Exellent graphics

+Great sound effects

+Great Story

+Great selection of weapons

+Cool looking environments

Negative -

-Can't move the player

-A bit short in story mode.

If you dont have dead space extraction in your game library i strongly suggest that you add it.

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