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A disappointingly generic zombie romp. 0

The year is 1986. Following a medical outbreak in Europe a year earlier, the zombie threat has finally reached North America. Canadian Mountie, Randall Wayne, is on a quest to try and find his missing wife and daughter in Seattle before they are taken by “the shadows”. Along the way, Randall will find new friends, lose old ones forever and discover that the government he trusted all along might be an even bigger threat than the zombies themselves.A quick Google search finds over a dozen films wi...

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A stunning game with some minor setbacks. 0

This day and age it’s really difficult to make a unique zombie game. Whether we call them zombies, shadows or walkers, the established fiction leaves little to the imagination. While Deadlight doesn’t break any new boundaries from a narrative perspective, it does shed new light on the genre by changing the perspective itself.The game has some truly beautiful backgroundsIn Deadlight you take on the role of Canadian mountaineer Randall Wayne. Father, husband and survivor of the oh so familiar zom...

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Deadlight Review 0

I stumbled upon this game a couple of weeks ago and even though I think the zombie craze has gone a bit overboard, I figured that this looked like the kind of game that I could get into, even if it had zombies, or infected people, or whatever people want to use to say zombie but without actually saying zombie. You will be playing the part of Randall Wayne a man who has lost everything but is willing to slug it out to help out others with whatever time he has left on this earth. This game was cre...

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Waynes World 0

Deadlight reviewed by Doc D StrangeI have a problem in my life were I always over hype video games and movies that look interesting to me. Deadlight is one of those games that I heard of from this website and others and thought "hellz ya this is gonna be fucking amazing, I loved games from back in the day like Out of this World and Flashback". In some ways this game is alot like those fantastic old games from my youth but Deadlight has issues.Story/GameplayThe year is 1986 in Seattle during the ...

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Identity Crisis 0

This game puts on a good first impression. The first hour or so the game sets up gobs of atmosphere and slow but methodical gameplay. The plot is presented in an in a comic book style that has become the rage lately. The main character spitting out internal monologue like hes in a Max Payne game. Yup all the parts where there for a good game but then the sewer level happens. This is where the gameplay, narrative, and atmosphere shit the bed. So they take this rather clunky control scheme that is...

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Fear what lurks in the Shadows 0

Deadlight is an 2D game with 3D visuals and contains familiar elements if you've ever played Shadow Complex or Limbo - which were both Summer of Arcade releases as well. Action plays out on a 2D level, but features 3D visuals and enemies that can move from the background and onto the 2D plane to attack you. While being a pretty short game – 1 hour and 57 minutes was my final time, it does have great moments of action even though the story is a bit underwhelming. For $15, you can certainly find a...

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When at its best, Deadlight is a thrilling experience. 0

It seems even the Summer of Arcade can’t avoid the infestation of zombies that have plagued the games industry for the last few years. I don’t personally have any beef with zombies, but what I do have a problem with is how they are used time and time again in a familiar way that makes them just as exhausting to see as the modern war setting. Telltale Games brought some freshness to the use of the undead with their great take on The Walking Dead. Tequila Works is hoping to put its spin on the zom...

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Don't fear the dead, fear the systems 0

So, I finished Deadlight about half an hour ago. Collecting myself, and trying not to let that end section cloud my judgement, I figured now is a good time to review.Act 1 takes around half an hour. In this time, you learn the game's mechanics, get seeped in the setting and atmosphere, and generally get your bearings on what is to come. It's a tutorial, if you will. Now, there are issues with this; one, there are a few things it actually doesn't teach you (it is wise, before starting, to read an...

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Deadlight Review 0

Developer: Tequila WorksPublisher: MicrosoftThose who have watched trailers for Deadlight will be all too aware that there are more than a few similarities in art direction and style between this years Summer of Arcade title, and a certain previous SOA big hitter Limbo. Having been in development since 2009, it is claimed that the title was originally more like the black and white masterpiece than the finished product suggests. After the release of Limbo, the decision was made to inject colour a...

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Deadlight is a masterpiece 0

Deadlight is, mechanically speaking, most similar to the classics Prince of Persia and Flashback, with some elements of the original Oddworld titles.This is a retro zombie horror-show game and I love it. In my opinion the graphics and the styling look and feel very good even if it's played on old school 2D platforming....

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