Voice talent revealed.......holy bawwwwls!

#1 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6535 posts) -

Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper have been cast to fill the voices for the game's human characters.

After watching the trailer, I can say that they are both excellent choices, especially Billy Bob.
#2 Posted by Shotaro (820 posts) -

Wow - never heard of this game and yet it's clear they have a pretty big budget - Hopper is a freaking legend

then again - good/high-profile voice acting does not a good game make.

#3 Posted by Knives (711 posts) -

Yeah, I don't really have too much interest in the game, but that's kinda cool.

#4 Posted by HistoryInRust (6397 posts) -

As long as Billy Bob Thornton reprises his role from Sling Blade for this game, I'll play it. 

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