What was the Point in Having 2 Teams?

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I wasn't around the site when the dual ER's happened.

I first watched the VJ ER about 6 months ago and enjoyed the hell out of it. But after it I needed a break from the combat and forget as much as possible before I watch the BR one. It seems fine, Ryan is at least funny while Brad just bitches the whole time.

Anyways what the hell was the point in doing teams? At some point it is obvious that Team VJ told Team BR about the infinite submachine gun and where and how to get it, they were just to stupid to put it together, then the next episode they told them exactly what to do to obtain this useful item before hand and they went and got it. So what was the point of doing dual teams if they are going to share information and then do the exactly the same things? I was enjoying the ER because they did different things, I don't remember VJ fishing, don't remember them getting the radio from George, it was different, they found different things to occupy their time (whether good or boring). If from here on out they are just giving tips to each other then why am I wasting my time if they then approach the situations the exact same way (all the while VJ are at least entertaining to listen too).

Sorry for the rant but it has really turned me off of finishing it. I heard that BR is at least entertaining during the ending episodes when twists and stuff start to happen but man what a bummer. Of course I'll finish it but probably will just end up deleting all the episodes when I'm done.

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You should stop watching it, and also stop posting about watching it.

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Because they are only human and sometimes humans make bad decisions.

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Well they are playing the same game, so yes, they might end up doing the same things at times...

Anyways, the point was to get everyone's perspective on the game. Putting all 4 on a single endurance run would be a mess. I'm not sure why you called them teams either. They weren't competing or anything.

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I watched BR first, and I'm watching VJ now. I feel Vinny and Jeff find stuff out more slowly, and I don't really care about the game. I just want to hear the banter. It makes for good late-night viewing just to unwind, but if it pisses you off like that I think you should do as Asurastrike suggested and stop watching it.

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The only thing that remotely pisses me off is that it's over.

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What are we complaining about here? That they did more free content that you can watch or not, depending on your preference of Bomb Squad members?


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Some people are never pleased, are they?

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I watched them as they were posted. I think it would be weird to watch it out of order.

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it's not that serious

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They all wanted to play the game, so they all played the game. Brad and Ryan also wanted to do an ER since they hadn't done one before. Doing two teams was all to serve their needs and it happened to produce double the content. I think you fucked up by watching them out of order.

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The things that people will complain about. Amazing.

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The entire point to an Endurance Run is to see the guys take on the game. If I wanted to know how Deadly Premonition was from start to finish I'd just buy and play it myself. So I don't see really what you're complaining about.

And to answer your question, no. I don't think there's any more apparent communication between the two teams apart from the infinite submachine gun. And if there is, I also don't see a problem with it.

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Side question:

for people that watched this when it was actually going on; did they release 2 episodes a day (both VJ & BR)? or spread it out with only one a day?

#15 Posted by Brother_PipPop (260 posts) -
@vikingdeath1 Two a day
#16 Posted by KarlPilkington (2784 posts) -

@vikingdeath1 said:

Side question:

for people that watched this when it was actually going on; did they release 2 episodes a day (both VJ & BR)? or spread it out with only one a day?

Two episodes a day, one of each if I remember correctly.

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@NinesSC2 said:

The only thing that remotely pisses me off is that it's over.

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The constant bickering between Brad and Ryan is precisely why I enjoyed the BR Endurance Run of DP. It was like being stuck in a 35 hour car ride with your parents. It was hysterical.

Never did watch Vinny/Jeff though. Maybe that's criminal or something, but I feel like the antagonistic nature of Ryan Davis only strengthened the BR Endurance Run.

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I think Vinny and Jeff's experience with the 100+ episode run of Persona 4 served them quite a bit. They already learned how to keep good banter going to cancel out the monotonous areas of the game (well, most of the time)... while in the BR run, the crappy sections were accompanied only by the palpable sounds of their souls withering away from within.

Wasn't all bad, though. I watched them both simultaneously as they were coming out, and enjoyed the contrast between the two runs. VJ and BR both have their share of epic moments... and I daresay, because of all the despair they had to drag themselves through, the Brad-Ryan run felt like the biggest triumph at the end of it all. TEAMBRAD!

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@mosespippy: I don't thin brad wanted to...

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This reminds me, why no Endurance Run?

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The site has a feature! Waaaaaaaah.

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Shared misery.

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@Nightriff: Stop watching the Deadly Premonition ER and watch the Persona 4 ER instead. Much better.

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The Deadly Premonition ER was the first thing I got into on this site. Ah, if I could only tell my past self how many future hours would be wasted treasured on GB.

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I'm willing to bet that they both got some information from people in the comments and sending them things on twitter and IMs on the site

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I appreciate that both ERs exist, but I do have to say that I like Vinny and Jeff's better, at least so far; I'm about 20 episodes deep in each. Vinny and Jeff seem much more "respectful" of the game in that they pay attention to the dialog. Ryan and Brad ignore and talk over the dialog, usually with complaints about the game, and then comment on how they don't know/can't remember what's going on.

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I have no idea what compelled them to do that.

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I have no idea what compelled them to do that.

What? 2 teams? I don't know...more content..?
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The point? It was fucking great entertainment, that's the point! Not to mention we get to experience a super quirky game through several eyes.

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information sharing on non-story stuff is completely fine in my book

BR starts pretty boring tbh, but gets good around halfway through the game

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