crusader8463's Deadpool (PC) review

If you love Deadpool this will be a good afternoon game once it's on the cheap.

Rating: 3/5

Platform: PC (Controller)

Time to Completion: 5 Hours

Date Completed: June 26th, 2013

Thoughts: Deadpool is a not so great game, but if you really like the Deadpool character it's worth picking up and playing once it hits the bargain bin.

The gameplay gets rather repetitive very quickly, but it's serviceable enough to keep going through it. Unless you are a masochist I suggest playing this game on easy as the combat is not varied enough to really make playing at harder levels any more fun and will just lead to frustration as you play through the same combat scenarios again and again.

Sadly for those playing it on the PC you will want to plug in a controller to play as the keyboard and mouse controls are terrible. The lack of being able to bind buttons to the mouse side buttons made it unplayable for me, as you often need to be hitting 5-6 buttons at one time to be moving and pulling off the proper combos/switching weapons and there's only five fingers on your keyboard hand to do it with. Which, you know, kind of makes it tough.

The games story is really just an excuse for them to have DP fight the same 5-6 bad guys again and again as he is fighting literally a clone army. Thankfully the game did not pull any punches and is an M rated game full of the blood, swearing and sexual innuendos that DP is known for. While the story will not leave you on the edge of your seat, it's serviceable enough to set up some funny bits for DP to do his thing and not hold back. While I was never rolling on the floor holding my gut in from laughter, it had some moments that made me chuckle and some callbacks to the comics that I appreciated.

All in all it's what you would have expected from this game had you watched any of the trailers. An average brawler mixed with a dash of third person shooter that is really only going to be fun for people that really like DP and are just glad to see a DP game. Everyone else will want to pass or at least wait for it to go on sale in a few weeks.

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