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If you love Deadpool this will be a good afternoon game once it's on the cheap. 0

Rating: 3/5Platform: PC (Controller)Time to Completion: 5 HoursDate Completed: June 26th, 2013Thoughts: Deadpool is a not so great game, but if you really like the Deadpool character it's worth picking up and playing once it hits the bargain bin.The gameplay gets rather repetitive very quickly, but it's serviceable enough to keep going through it. Unless you are a masochist I suggest playing this game on easy as the combat is not varied enough to really make playing at harder levels any more fun...

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A boring and repetitive jaunt through Japanese video games of the past. 0

Rating: 2/5Platform: PC (Keyboard)Time to Completion: 2.5 HoursDate Completed: June 21st, 2013Thoughts: The whole schtick of this game is the evolution of the way the game looks and plays as you progress. It starts out looking and playing like Zelda for the NES and ends up at some weird mish mash of Final Fantasy 7/8/9, a simple one button spamy 3D action game, and one cave that was supposed to be Diablo for some random reason.Maybe those that have a fonder memory of the above mentioned games th...

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If you want more Far Cry 3 then have I got a game for you! 0

Platform: PC (Mouse and Keyboard)Time to Completion: 4.5-5 HoursDate Completed: May 9th, 2013Thoughts: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has a lot of ups and downs. One moment I was enjoying my time listening to the one liners dripping with old action movie cliches, and the other I found myself just rolling my eyes and hoping the game would just get a move on already. While the high points of the game are pretty good, I found overall that I spent more time rolling my eyes hoping for the next interesting t...

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While broken online it's still a ton of fun playing coop. 0

Platform: PC (Multiplayer I used a filthy peasants controller, but it's perfectly playable with just the keyboard which I used to play single player.)Time to Completion: 1.5 HoursDate Completed: January 4th, 2013My friend had to carry me on his back to make this jump online.I really want to give this game a great for the amount of fun a friend and I had playing this game coop, but it's sadly just too broken to do so. No matter who hosted the non host player online lagged so bad that in certain p...

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A short charming little game. 0

Platform: PC (Mouse and Keyboard)Time to Completion: 2.5 HoursDate Completed: January 3rd, 2013Chris just being Chris.Just like while playing a Civilization game where I'm always telling myself "Just one more turn" I was constantly finding myself saying "Just one more mission" while playing this game. It's able to do this with the games combination of simple in the right way puzzles, charming cast, and a story that kept me wanting to start the next mission just to get the next drip of story prog...

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Toy Story 3 (PC) Review 2

Toy Story 3 is an odd game. While it does have many a situation where in it finds itself falling into the traps that most movie tie in games do, it has a certain something that seems to move it a notch above your average movie game tie in. As we all know, most movie tie in games are made for the sole reason of a company wanting to make a quick buck on a new movies release. However Toy Story 3 looks as if it had a developer who really loved the series and wanted to make sure the game wasn’t ju...

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Dark Void (PC) Review 15

 In a time when the video game industry is seeing an abundance of games being re-skinned and thrown out the door in a new package as the next big thing, Dark Void is a nice, albeit ultimately flawed, change of pace. The game begins in the early 1930’s where our protagonist, Will Grey, is a cargo pilot who finds himself taking on a job couriering cargo for a lady friend from his past. It isn’t long before Will finds himself crashing his plane while flying through the Bermuda triangle, and awakeni...

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