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LMAO. I love that they motion captured the damn belt. That's hilarious and awesome.

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Watching the guys try to figure out what this trailer was for at the start and how they reacted once the reveal came in was my favourite part of E3 so far. They played the first part so serious and the guys were like. Wait. I don't know what this is. What could it be? Great.

Sadly the game itself hold zero appeal to me. Just like the first half of this trailer.

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I don't like fighting games, but MK has always had a special place in my heart. I grew up as a kid watching the movies, watching the cartoon, watching the live action TV series and LOVING it all. I really hope to get sucked into one of them one of these days.

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@jeust: np. Hope you have fun, and good luck finding everything you want on the cheap. Some of the games are super expensive unless you really hunt around for them.

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@razielcuts: We had the typical black guy a and a old (Vetnam era I guess) soldier. They have schoolgirl

. It makes sense since you dont see other two often on the streets.

Typical black guy and old Vietnam vet? I'd hardly call those typical archetypes for games, when was the last time you controlled an old person in a game? Now, young girl in school uniform in Japanese media? That's a common trope.

They are horror/zombie movie tropes/archtypes. Comic relief and token black guy/minority was Luis, pretty eye candy was Zoe, current/retired soldier that has skills/training that explains why they are not all dead was Bill, and the tough bad ass/rebel was Francis.

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Boo! hiss! Free2Play! More like Pee and Poop!

It's not free to play. It's just free. Free to play implies microtransactions. There are none. (Although users who make mods can charge for them if they want. God forbid people charge for their work! Don't buy any mods if that bothers you, though. I'm sure there'll be thousands of free ones.)

I know. It was sarcasm. I expect it to work like Team Fortress 2 does. As long as they don't over charge too much for the items, like TF2 does, and keep it to just being cosmetic stuff like hats then I'm fine with it.

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Boo! hiss! Free2Play! More like Pee 2 Poop!

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@shtinky: Wow. Is this a complaint? Maybe you should,you know ,WORK at work and watch vids in your break or after work.

I actually work at work, and socialise during breaks, maybe you should give that a try. Coming home, where there's further responsibilities is where I can't justify watching a 50 minute QL of something completely boring, it's a waste of an adults time, and I'm sure even Jeff and the staff members wouldn't even watch this video in their own time. If the game is worthy of a 50 minute QL, or it's bad in a humorous way, then that's great, but this game, objectively, wasn't. 20 minutes to showcase how shitty it was would have been enough.

And what stopped you from turning the video off at 20 min? If you felt like you had enough by then then stop watching. No one was forcing you to watch the whole thing. You don't have to watch every second of every video on this site if you are not enjoying it.

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@flacracker: Massive screw you to you and to everyone that quoted this massive gif. Had to wait like 10 min for all those damn things to load before the video could be played. Rather annoying bug on the site as the video player ui to start it won't load till that stuff does and if you cancel the page then the video ui never loads.