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Online issues aside, what are your general impressions as to the quality of this game?

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'A bit lack-luster and boring.'

I agree
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'Quotes and italics doesn't mean anything without a link or citation.'

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'Namesh Bohnd, Jamesh Bohnd.'
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Cirdain said:
"'A bit lack-luster and boring.'I agree"

Meh, all it really boils down to is whether or not you like DotA, because this is basically an improved upon, and expanded version of DotA.

Don't listen to the people that complain about there only being 8 heroes. Those are most likely people that haven't played the game, and don't know what those heroes have to offer. Each hero (or god in this case) has a huge skill tree which can greatly differentiate how your hero plays. Hero spec's can range from anything to heavy AoE damage, to high single-target damage focus, to summoning an army of minions, etc. That, combined with all the different items you can get in the game (persistent or otherwise), makes those 8 heroes seem more like 20.

Would it be nicer to have more heroes? Sure. I think of it like an MMO. Every time i play an MMO i'm always thinking to myself "Man, i wish this game had more classes to choose from" but that doesn't necessarily detract from the game. Or make me enjoy it less. It just means that i'm always wanting more content. (WoW only has 8-9 classes...)

While it's true that DotA has something like 75 heroes or more. Most of those heroes are practically copies of each other, or at the very least play largely the same every single time. There is no option of specing a hero differently in DotA, and trying to make him play differently from game to game. Not to mention the fact that DotA plays on the same map, always. Demigod has like 10 maps.

Overall, this game offers more then DotA. And it's a shame that there are so many narrowminded individuals out there that look at one thing (there only being 8 heroes) as an all encompassing failure of the game. Demigod offers more then DotA, period. So if you like DotA, then you will like this even better.

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It's all rook here, I can't micro enough for the generals.

I like the rook and torchbearer but the generals seem to need a little help in the UI department. Personally I wouldn't mind it being 8 assassins instead of 4 & 4.

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