Demon's Souls newb questions

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So I just got Demons' Souls and played a bit of it. Here are my questions.

1. How do I break a person's guard? I can't deal with that knight with blue eyed helmet. He takes off too much stamina when I block, his shield is always up otherwise, and I'm too afraid to parry because the manual says certain enemies can't be parried/crited. I'm using a dagger-like weapon, if that matters. I remember in the tutorial it said if I two-hand a weapon I can break an enemy's guard, but I failed in that part of the tutorial by instead killing the knight with arrows using hit-and-run (since the knight in the tutorial had small aggro range).

This is the first level after the tutorial. =\

2. Also I heard online support for Demon's Souls is dropping soon, how much will my game experience be affected by this? =(

3. What do I do with extra equipment, should I give it to that storage guy to hold, or just drop them. It doesn't look like I can sell anything for souls, but I guess that makes sense.

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It's been a long time since I've played Demon's Souls, but I've played a lot of Dark Souls recently, and with blocking enemies, you can get right in their face then constantly strafe around them in a circle. When they attack they'll miss and you should have just enough time to backstab them before they recover and are able to block again.

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Pro Tip for new players: If you want the True Sword of Kings make sure you kill the Maiden in Black before you get 2 boss souls.

Also you can give as much stuff to the storage guy as you want but if you return to the Nexus a couple of times in a row without having a full conversation with him then he will start to steal your stuff. You will know this is happening if he gives you a hard time for walking away from him why he is still talking.

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Stockpile Thomas is your friend. Kill the dude in world 3 in the cage. DO NOT RESCUE HIM. Don't give a shit of that's spoilers, that part of the game is bullshit and borderline game breaking if you let Yurt live. The longbow is also your friend.

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