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A mystery of a game 0

It's been a long time since I experienced an arc like this. It's been an intricate rollercoaster. From the moment the game was announced, with its Marathon Infinity callback title, I was genuinely glad for Bungie regaining their freedom. Bungie are a studio I've followed closely ever since playing the Marathon demo on a Mac IIsi (at 25% resolution, interlaced, without floor or ceiling textures no less). The Marathon trilogy and its modding community defined much of my teens, my first encounters ...

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A mixture of Fun And Disappointment Was Our Destiny 0

The presentation doesn't match the quality *Sight* This was the last thing I was expecting from Destiny, and more importantly, the end product was something I would never have expected from Bungie. I have been on board with Destiny from the very moment I knew of it's existence. I've seen Bungie do a lot of good work and I knew what they were capable of, so having a first person RPG Space adventure fantasy shooter (Just saying that gives me goose bumps) made by a company I liked was an amazing de...

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A Strangely Compelling Game 0

I can’t think of a game that has ever delighted and frustrated me in equal measure the way Destiny has managed to. It’s a game rewards efficiently plotting a course through environments to acquire upgrade materials. It’s a game that makes you play the same missions over and over again to increase your reputation with its various factions. It’s a game that strings you along with random loot drops that could be something incredible but more likely than not will be junk. Des...

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Fun Shooting, that's it. 2

IntroDestiny starts off very promising, with a floating character flying up to you, resurrecting you from the dead, and telling you that you are a Guardian that has been dead for a very long time. Then, you start to play the game. You wake up in a desert looking section of Old Russia that has burned out cars and sand everywhere, and a giant wall behind them. It looks amazing visually, with the wall looking giant and the lighting of the area showing off the great artwork. You then go into the wa...

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Bungie's "Mass Effect"-like FPS is a decent shooter. 0

Developer Bungie's "Halo" trilogy was a landmark achievement for the FPS genre. The original game (along with "Goldeneye 007") proved that console-exclusive shooters could rank up with the great PC FPS games. "Halo 2" revolutionized online multiplayer gaming on XBOX Live and the third game introduced Forge, a powerful tool for would-be map creators. Unfortunately,"Destiny", a blend of "Halo" and "Mass Effect", isn't quite as masterful. It can be fun with friends, but grinding out your character ...

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Destiny 0

Take a bit of Borderlands, splash in the combat dynamics from Bungie's previous series Halo, and mix it into a similiar structure to Phantasy Star Online and you'd end up with Destiny. The combat in Destiny is the purest draw for the game, but repetitive mission structure, a troubling loot system and a low amount of content which leads to you grinding by playing the same repetitive missions over and over again... Destiny could have been more. I love it, but it doesn't mean you will....

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Destiny - Two Weeks Down the Line 0

"Destiny is a fun, but hollow experience." I think most everyone on the internet is familiar by now with this sentiment about Bungie's online shooter which is kicking off their ten year plan to create a new powerhouse IP. I'd like to offer my own headline worthy quip: We were promised the world and given a country.It's clear that Bungie and Activision's marketing team were too vague for too long about what Destiny actually was. This, and a number of other factors, contributed to the less than s...

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Destiny Review 0

If you have been interested even slightly in Bungie's new game you must heard just about everyone's opinion. But I would like to reinterate the collective and say my two cents which is much the same. My experince for Destiny has relied on two other individuals, shockingly I have even stopped playing the 'Lone Fox' and have waited to my party (which shall be called .... I don't know .... Team Run Mates or RM) to have free time to play together.So for a couple of hours team RM would get together a...

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Destiny feels like an amazing incomplete framework 0

Destiny has taken some time for me to review because of the duality of my experience. On the one hand it has a disjointed story and a hollow single player experience. On the other hand I have spent well over 50 hours captivated by the incredible art design, music, atmosphere, and loot grinding, and I still want to play. Your guardian starts as one of three classes with a designated subclass that can be changed to an additional unlocked subclass. The classes and subclasses shape your speed, defen...

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Destiny's biggest flaw is that it doesn't start until it ends 0

If Destiny started with its endgame, it would have been an easy game to 5-star. The best parts of Destiny, however, are being played after you've completed the game. For better or worse, the relatively short experience Destiny offers at roughly 12 hours to finish the story, flips to being absolutely amazing post-endgame with a Raid that might take you as long or longer to finish than story, and that is a blast to play from start to finish. If you've got what it takes to grind your way there that...

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Decent gameplay and atmosphere, but lacks substance 0

Honestly, within the first half hour, this game feels like a four star experience. It starts off with wonder, mysticism, and an atmosphere that makes you feel outgunned and ready to fight back. The gameplay feels smooth, the fights feel satisfying, and the leveling feels adequate. Unfortunately, once you come out of the first mission you really don't experience much of the story or mysticism after that. You listen to the vague hints given to you by Peter Dinklage and realize that they don't tell...

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Destiny - PS4 0

Destiny is a game which is just as beautiful and fun as it is flawed and frustrating. Oh Destiny, where to begin? It's been a long time since such a divisive game has been released by a developer with a profile as high as Bungie's. Before I get into any specifics I'll just say that I am still playing Destiny, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I will also say that it is not at all what I thought it was going to be and it's extremely disappointing in some very important ways, how can both of thos...

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Destiny: A Disappointing Joy. 0

For better or for worse the gaming public has been anticipating Destiny since early 2012 when the name and vague details we leaked through Activision’s litigation with the founders of Infinity Ward. A week after Destiny has finally been released the question is how is the game itself? Never before has answering this question been quite as difficult and nuanced in my own head, but what I can say for certain is that Destiny failed to live up to expectations. Bungie, Activision, and Sony hav...

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Destiny: A Disappointing Bundle of Lies from Activision and Bungie 0

Review of Destiny for the Playstation 4, after 33 hours of gameplay.This game is filled with so many baffling and terrible design decisions that it has killed most of my enthusiasm for "next-gen" video games. Is it a terrible game? No. There are certain aspects that are well done, but are buried under a repetitive grind, non-existent story, and teases at future content that will likely be paid DLC.Positives:- The gunplay feels great. It is very finely tuned and reminiscent of Halo. Weapons have...

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Destiny Review (2015) 0

Greetings fellow Guardians!! What are all of you thinking when playing destiny??? Bungie claims to have worked 5-6 years on this game. A game that is suppose to be an mmorpg. Now let's take a look at what those 5-6 years have brought us. When you venture into the realm that destiny Has to offer; Your immediately captivated by the marvelous display of the landscape and even more so as you gain progress in story. One Main issue dawns upon the players when they realize there's no chat box to commu...

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