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Desura is a digital distribution service designed to provide gamers with the content in a convenient, cross platform way. Desura is able to serve games and provide patches, mods and addons to its users.

Desura was originally released in 2009 by Desura Pty. Ltd., a private Australian game company, after undergoing two years of stealth development. The service describes itself as developer driven, allowing game developers to control the news, images, videos and other content available through their profiles. Desura allows members to post comments, review games, and provide screenshots to the public. Desura emphasizes user developed content by allowing gamers to customize games through user developed mods and addons.

Desdura uses a native OS-client to distribute their games. This application must be downloaded from their site and is available for PC, Mac and Linux. With the client you can manage your games and everything around the games like reviews, images and other content.

You can visit Desura at

Desura is the same company that runs ModDB and IndieDBand is one of the driving forces behind the Indie Royale packages that frequently are available.

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