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Quit Moving and Let Me Shoot You
D'etoile, the fairy of love and dreams, is the final boss of Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. The leaders of the Peach Mountain Shoguns, Spring Breeze Dancin' and Kitty Lily, use him as their last stand against Impact in an outer space battle. His upper body has the appearance of a toy solider, but his lower portion is a long mechanical tail. He is one of the more elusive bosses in the game and leaves a visual trail as he moves to give the appearance there is more than one of him.
Etoile means "star" in French, playing on Dancin' and Lily's need to become big stars of the stage.


Now it's On
D'etoile starts with 2000 health. His mobility is his main strength and he has several counters to Impact's moves. The most prominent one is a giant shield he can use to charge in close while blocking shots and the chain pipe. He can also fire colored balls as projectiles. At first he fires them one at a time, but as he takes more damage he will twirl across the screen to launch dozens of them at once.
Other attacks include the use of his tail. He can roll up into a ball before rushing Impact at full speed, or he can get in close and use a quick tail strike. Blocking these moves are about punching at the right time.
Mystical Ninja Starring Asteroids
When he loses half of his health he will use a new, special attack. He will take up position in the middle of the screen and open up a giant white portal that spits out dozens of large space rocks. Each asteroid takes multiple hits to destroy, and failing to take care of them will cause heavy damage.
After fending off a number of rocks, the attack will end with a massive asteroid that takes up the entire screen. This giant asteroid is even more durable than the previous ones and will soak up a lot of damage before blowing up. The white portal will close after this rock and D'etoile will resume attacking. He will work this move into his pattern until he is dealt a finishing blow.

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