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Diddy Wrong Racing 2

Diddy Kong Racing is a Kart, hovercraft and plane racing game. The main narrative to the game is basically that a giant space pig called ‘Wizpig’ has taken over the island that your character lives on, and locked all the racing tracks (except for one obviously, or there wouldn’t be a game..) You have to race all of the tracks on four different worlds, and then finally beat the boss in each to retake control of that world. The bosses are all very large versions of a Triceratops, squid, walrus (m...

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My Favorite Childhood Game 0

Gameplay This Game is impressive you can drive in about 50 races and you can drive 3 differant cars in the races a plane, a car, and a hovercraft. I think people that like mario kart should buy this game it looks like mario kart but with even more action. This game is the game that you will play more often on your N64 because it has so much action and so much things in the game that you will enjoy spending your time playing this game.Graphics This game has good graphics its very impressive it lo...

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Has the feel of Mario kart but when lost it. 0

In Diddy Kong racing you race around collect balloons to get to the other tracks. There are 5 areas to find tracks. Each area has four normal tracks, a bonus level where you collect coins and a boss track that’s where you race against a big animal. After you win the four normal tracks you race the boss and when you beat him is where the game takes a bad turn. The boss challenges you to race the four tracks again and collect 8 coins in the track and win the race. That just ruined the game for me....

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